The Paleo Diet ►► The Paleo diet is rooted on everyday, modern foods that former the food peer of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. The ancestral human not a agriculturalist his pray gatherer human. The [More] Add us on facebook! The Paleo Diet Solution is a way to get back to our roots – to eat the natural foods that our ancestors have hunted, fished, and gathered [More]
Learn how adding in juices and smoothies into your diet can drastically change your life for the better! Juicing and Blending for health. We have all heard how fiber is great for digestion but did [More]
Call us for more info: 800-997-5352. Our FS-12 and FS-30 cold presses for any fruit, vegetable, leafy greens, grass, herb and nut are the most efficient on the market; with higher speed, better yield and [More]
Apply these 15 little-known benefits of juicing to ELIMINATE muscle-building and fat-loss plateaus: Want to learn how to juice? In this episode I’ll answer all your most frequently asked questions that you have on [More]
We have recently discovered the benefits of wheat grass juicing! It is SO good for you! Very cleansing and you can even use it topically on wounds. There are many uses of wheat grass! We [More]
Watch how the Hurom slow juicer can do self cleaning in between juicing
I will be doing a review on how the master cleanse and lemonade diet works for me over a period of 14 days maybe longer. the ingredients are 10 ounces of filtered water 2 table [More]
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The Paleo diet was prominently featured on the ABC News program “Nightline” on Tuesday, March 1, 2011. THE PALEO SOLUTION by Robb Wolf and THE NEW EVOLUTION DIET by Art De Vany were the two [More]