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Here’s the Breville juicer: http://amzn.to/Yobzho Honestly Healthy book: http://amzn.to/YodIJX

Juicing is a great way to get lots of veggies into our diets. It also is an instant source of nutrition since our bodies don’t have to digest all of the vegetable fiber.

However, there are a few things to consider before you start juicing away.

Did you know that above ground vegetables, particularly greens, contain anti-nutrients that can be potentially harmful at large doses. If you think about it, it makes sense. Plants want to survive so the parts that animals can see (above ground) contain some toxins to make them less appealing. This includes goitrogens, polyphenols, tannins, lectins, oxalates, etc. In small quantities, these are absolutely fine and even beneficial. However, when we juice, we need to use large quantities of these greens to actually create juice which can cause problems in some people.

Instead, use these greens as accents and instead stick to safer fruit and root vegetables.

This includes:

And of course, fruit itself. Most is fine to juice including:

If you want to add some greens, romaine, green/red and butter lettuce are better to use than kale, spinach and carrot/beet greens.

It’s also good to blend vegetables/fruits so you’re not getting TOO much sugar in one hit. Granted, it’s natural sugar, but our body needs to still process. Some even add some fat to juices to balance their blood sugar.

OK, now to the recipes….

Liver Love from the book Honestly Healthy

1 large beet
2 handfuls of spinach
3 carrots
1/2 handful of flat-leafed parsley

Juice and enjoy! And, yes, this is a high sugar one 🙂

Immune Booster from Honestly Healthy

3 beets
2 red apples
1 inch piece of ginger
juice of 1/2 lemon (I just put whole lemon in juicer 🙂

Juice and enjoy! Pregnant? Check out my baby registry checklist:

Here are all my fav products for natural living:

Curious about the equipment we use to make these videos?



Genevieve , http://MamaNatural.com


chilibeanz pootybutts says:

Interesting. The whole juicing in the bedroom threw me off a bit. And I
believe a variety of fruits and veggies are good to eat. Yes, some may not
be good in large quantities if you have ailments that could become worse
with consumption of particular veggies, but to limit the green leafy stuff
from your diet? Questionable.

Parker Erin says:

You should honestly take this video down unless you truly enjoy being
flamed. Your advice on juicing is grossly misinformed. Green, leafy
vegetables make the base of some of the most detoxifying, cleansing, and
healthy weight supportive juices out there. You make your “factual”
statements with reckless abandon. Leafy greens are full of dangerous toxins
so that bugs won’t eat them? If that were the case, we wouldn’t need
organic greens because they’d never have to be sprayed. Let me show you my
organic garden full of leafy greens that the insects munched down to the
core while I was on vacation. Also, fennel is not a root vegetable.

Mozdk1 says:

“The plants instinctively put in (…)”. This is where I turned of the
video. She doesn’t understand evolution and thinks that plants think.
Stupid woman.

Khach Do says:

I eat vegetables mainly everyday. I rarely eat meat. My friend gave me this
exact “juicer”. I was excited to open it today and I was very
disappointed. I am now waiting to dump it in the trash. Here are why:

+It costs me 10 gallons of water to wash it
+It costs me 45 minutes to wash it
+Dish washer does not take anything out from it because of the design.
+It sprays waste and mess everywhere all over the table all over the parts
+It wastes so much of the inputs. It turned my 3 huge avocados and 2 huge
bananas into 100% waste
+It takes way too much space and lots of power
+It does not take in ice. What’s the point of drinking warm juice unless
you want to cool it up in the fridge or freezer which takes away the fresh
+It takes a lot of effort and dedication to clean the filter basket and you
will definitely get cut by the blades. This is a huge safety flaw. It can
be damaged easily if you are not careful or too careful not to be cut by
the blades.
+The design creates room inside the filter basket underneath the blades
that would capture waste that might cause health issues to you over time.
+Many more…

MizuChan33 says:

Wait wait wait!!! She said to use vegetables as the bulk of your juice
right? (beets, carrots, tomatoes etc…) Then she goes to say that leafy
plants contain oxalate (such as spinach and parsley) Oxalate can cause

Stephen Ulloa says:

One on left can juice my nUts

rich lite says:

so now juicing is unhealthy too. wow . this is a bad video… dont have to
much green ? real bad advice , wtf

Ashley Natyniak says:

You have to eat a TON of greens to come into the complications you speak
of. Very bad video. 

Greenvegan828 says:

No, leafy greens? I have to laugh as these ‘does and don’ts’. They make no
sense. Where do they get their information?

Dee Nagle says:

has this woman any idea what shes talking about? lol and why is the juicer
in the bedroom!!!!

MrMalintent says:

No, leafy greens? And your first recipe into this awful video includes
handfuls of spinach and parsley. Clueless, clueless woman obviously there
to sell a garbage book that know nothing of juicing. Fake woman like most
of the comments below said.

Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations says:

Major disinformation on the greens. If you juice organic, then you can
juice all the greens. If it is conventional, then it might suppress the
thyroid, but not organic. You guys do not know how to properly juice and
your not extracting the live enzymes out correctly either. Anyway,
peace….I am not being rude, But I juice for people who have various forms
of cancer, and I have been juicing for years and know what I am talking
about when it comes to live enzymes. I find it frustrating when people put
out juicing videos and spread disinfo about how glorious greens are.

honorthelegend1 says:

Everything makes you sick. Am soooo tired of this. No we should not eat
lots of greens

Wreak havock says:

With all due respect, you need to do a little more research…..telling
people that green leafy vegetables are basically poison from the ground, is
the most uneducated idea I’ve ever heard…..hands down, it would even make
my list this year. No kidding.

ant36au says:

I lasted 1 minute and 12 seconds before these two bored me to death.

Pierre Renoir says:

To get more viewers, you two should start making out while wearing bikinis.
I’d watch that.

Doug Maverick says:

Don’t listen to these chicks. They don’t know what they are talking about.
First, the Brevelle juicer is one of the worst juicers on the market. Dont
get centrifugal juicers as they add lots of air to the juice and heat,
killing the nutrients.
Second, dark leafy greens are the most nutrient dense food on the planet.
The best juicer for the money is probably the Omega 8004 series. A
horizontal masticating juicer.

SqueegyBeckenheim says:

Mama Natural needs an education

Carlo Bari says:

They look more like Lesbians in a motel room.

Qin Mary says:

thank you share.

Dago Wago says:

The both of you look Spanish…..I can feel the passion coming out of you
both, nice :)

gettingreadyinAR says:

Whoa! You’re going way overboard on the beets to recommend this to some one
who is just starting out. You need to start with a qtr of a large beet and
gradually work up. Three large beets could force your liver to do a toxic
dump and flood your system with accumulated crap. I’ve been thru that once
and it isn’t pleasant. Also, oxalates of the type that cause gout only form
in cooked vegetables. Such as spinach. There is no danger in juicing raw
greens that are organic and have been properly cleaned. 

DAPTXDC4869 says:

Guys, high oxalic acid levels have been known to be in greens such as
spinach. What these women are saying is true (Edit: is VERY VERY TRUE!!!).
These women did NOT say to avoid greens altogether. They know that would be
dumb. The idea here that is most certainly true when it comes to nutrition
is that moderation and variety is safest. It comes down to to the saying
we’ve heard so many times its annoying: Eat a variety of fruits and
vegetables. And yes, excess nutrients in greens can cause sickness, so
don’t OVER-use the greens. They’re great for you- but vitamin-rich veggies
have vitamins (“DUH!”)- and we already know what happens when you overdose
certain vitamins, such as A or D. The same can apply to other substances in
plants as well. We already accept that a person should eat more fruits and
veggies than fats and oils for example, so now they’re just dividing a
little further on the amount of certain types of veggies we should eat.
I really don’t see anywhere in the video where they say to not use greens
WHATSOEVER. The comments hating on these women are stupid, and the people
who did so most definitely commented before even confirming if they heard
correctly. And YES, I’ve heard many times (and believe me, I pay attention
in school!) that plants will produce toxins to defend themselves from their
main predators. They’re living organisms with means to defend themselves
just like animals. They ARE NOT as immediately or seriously effective on
people as a Black Mamba’s or Death Cap’s poison might be (we ARE talking
about foods we eat), but they ARE toxins, and if taken consistently,
without relief for extended periods, they DO cause damage, though often not
fatal- but can negatively affect general well-being (symptoms associated
with aging especially- which are wide ranged in effects). Do people who
smoke die the instant they pop in their first cigarette? No. But the
effects over time are obvious (though greens are most certainly not as
all-bad as cigarettes are). Toxins exist everywhere in nature, and each has
varying degrees and types of effects. So forget your irrational cynicism,
those who have been like so- because this woman was willing to show videos
of her own baby’s birth on this site. SHE IS NOT FAKE. And neither is the
guest with her.

ilcenacolo says:

a pair of fake women. 

Seoulmanaja says:

Recipes great….Information Wrong….Beautiful Women to
compensate….Video good!

Valerie Valdez says:

you’re juicing all the sugar stuff…We do need greens, It was put there by
the CREATOR for us to eat. Plants don’t fall under the catagory of survival
of the fittess!..

januss368 says:

lol….anti nutrients baaahhahahaa……wtf they letting anyone post
nutrition facts now? GO TO LIFEGENERATOR….he IS a juice master 14 years
straight this dude has got it right

Antonio Brando says:

Would you send make my tooth grow back

Ostara Goodwitch says:

I couldn’t get into the video…I kept trying to figure out why the camera
man kept showing her friend (who has a hairstyle and make up v-log) big
huge matted knots of hair in the back of her head. Does she NOT comb her
hair! EEK!

Alecia Lonsdale says:

Good to know… Juicing Dos and Don’ts + Recipes 

ÇÓDŸ Š V ŁÖG says:

3:45 lezbian zampires

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