❥Part 2:10 days Master cleanse diet (final results) With before and after ❥

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Please note that this is not my final results. I am doing a workout routine and maintaining a healthy eating diet.

As far as the master cleanse, these were my final results- will keep pushing myself for even better results 🙂


towson90 says:

How often do u drink this? Whats the directions i guess is what im asking.

Simone Wade says:

Who said you can’t do any working out while on the cleanse?

Vannie3000 says:

Thank you- Keep me posted how it works out for you! No, you are not
supposed to workout while doing this cleanse! I know I did not- I relaxed
and stayed focused on the goal! 🙂

prettyyladyy1 says:

good job im gona try it 2…but i have a question did u workout as well? if
so how many times a week and for how long? and how many lbs did u lose

NavyBaby101 says:

Can you work out while on this cleanse? I was thinking about running for 30
minutes then the bike for 15?

Vannie3000 says:

@misschristinelee87 dont do it! It will pay off in the end. Its normal to
feel that way. I found day 1-3 to be the hardest, after that it gets better

Vannie3000 says:

@iloveredbull09 Lol. I actually liked putting a lot of cayenne pepper so my
mixed tasted a lot like spicy lemonade with a hint of sweetness because of
the maple syrup. It wasn’t good but it was not nasty either. I would
definitely not compare it to regular lemonade though.

iloveredbull09 says:

what does the lemonade taste like? is it really disgusting or does it taste
like regular lemonade?

emz0122 says:

I’m on day one and wondering if you could inbox me and tell me what did u
do cuz I new to this cleanse thing and wana know if I Doing it right and
btw how many pounds dis you lose In those 10 days thanks you 🙂

Vannie3000 says:

@bambeiez00 Let me know when it is up so I can check it out 🙂 Happy for

Vannie3000 says:

@prettyyladyy1 Thank you- You are NOT suppose to workout while on this
cleanse- the very contrary. You have to relax and meditate and pretty much
let the cleanse do the work itself- I did, however, begin a workout routine
once I came off the cleanse (working out 3 times a week). After getting off
the cleanse I lost 14 1/2 lbs and with my workout routine I have lost 24
lbs altogether. I am already at my ideal weight and maintaining this weight
🙂 good luck to you!

Jan Michael Manaligod says:

Hi vannie do you exercise while on the diet? Im on day 5 now. Ive lost
10lbs already without exercise. Just wondering. Thanks

Remy Joh says:

I need to know exactly how to mix it

Stecha28 says:

Exactly wat ingredients do u use wen making this drink called master
cleanse? Btw,.. Beautiful n great results vannie! I also looove ur natural
transitioned styles! 🙂

webfirm2001 says:

wooow you look great… I just start today ..hoping i can continue.. do
you also workout too??

Vannie3000 says:

@Stecha28 The ingredients: distilled water, cayenne pepper, lemons, grade b
maple syrup. Thanks a lot 🙂

Vannie3000 says:

@bambeiez00 I thank you 🙂 Wasn’t easy but I stuck to the plan and happy to
see results for the efforts that I put into the cleanse.

Vannie3000 says:

@bambeiez00 aw, thanks! How was your experience on the cleanse? I will
definitely keep updating my results. Being vegetarian is the best- I don’t
feel bloated when I eat now! I also eat in smaller portions and count my
daily calories. Good Luck to you sweetheart 🙂

misschristinelee87 says:

Im on day 2 and i am thinking of food. 🙁

roryboryalice says:

You look great! Thanx for the inspiring videos!

Vannie3000 says:

@haditabonita666 I will inbox you the info. Hopefully I can post the link
to the site via inbox because Youtube does not allow us to link on comments
*Sucks* :/

HaditaBonita says:

o.o? can you tell us more about the master cleanse diet? ive never heard of
it but it looks effective

HaleyCaron says:

starting this diet next wednesday! 🙂

Anna Dob says:

vannie 3000 I was wondering if you did the salt water flush every morning

ZenaBaywell says:

The drink tastes better if you add more lemon – over the 2 tablespoons. I
would add a quarter piece of lemon every time I made a glass. Big

Shewa Adekunbi says:

how much weight did u lose

bambeiez00 says:

Wow you look good!!!! Great job……

Kwatisha Horne says:

you look great….im starting this diet next week,an I wanna try it out for
10 days..but,i might do it for 20 days in order to get to my weight
goal…an,can I workout while on the MC?

Vannie3000 says:

I lost 14 1/2 lbs by day 10! I am still losing weight since I am working
out and eating healthier.

Vannie3000 says:

@NavyBaby101 its not recommended! I did not workout while on the cleanse!

bambeiez00 says:

You will inspire a lot of people, make sure u keep us updated on how u
maintain. I’ve been off the cleanse for 60 days and have stuck with a
vegetarian diet and i feel wonderful.

bambeiez00 says:

My experience….. ( it was hard) but i stayed focused. Im in the process
of uploading my videos so u will see, our journey is somewhat the same
because i didnt have a lot to lose. Once again you look great!!! Whoohoo!!!!

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