😳14 Days On A Mango ONLY Detox Diet: What It Did To Me

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I talk about my experience eating ONLY mangoes for 14 days. Also ONLY dates for 1 week, watermelon for around 2 months, bananas only mono diet for almost a month. Follow this link if you want to learn more about it as I’ve spoken about it in the past: https://goo.gl/xBoHg3
By the way if you want you can add some leafy greens, celery or cucumber but doing just one fruit for a few weeks is a safe, satisfying and healthy experience.

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Diego Hawkins says:

Fuck you

TheSupercow2008 says:

This has to be a troll video. There's no way she can be this stupid.

Venice Queen says:

I had a dentist appointment recently and was told I need 2 fillings, and I was advised to really cut down on fruit and smoothies.. Do you have dental issues from your fruit consumption?

Erika Goodwin says:

Can you explain the whole nutritional side to this please?? Like calcium iron etc

Y-G-J says:

Provide evidence or shut this bullshit up.

fullfiguredFABULOUS says:

its winter time here in the US and i really want to do the detox but i have 2 delimmas
1 mangos aren't in season
2 i have no idea where to find fruit in bulk for a decent price

emilyrl says:

Well I LOVE mangos so… Maybe I should try it. :)

Michelle says:

Hi Freelee,
I am a medical student and a vegan too. I like watching your videos, but I felt the need to comment, cause I need to get some fact straight. I must emphasize that I am not trying to be insulting or abusing – just educational and informative from the perspective of what I have learnt in medical school. Both for your sake, but also because I’m scared, that this might promote young impressionable girls (as you always mention) to have unnecessary strict and unhealthy eating habits versus eating a healthy and VARIED diet. Furthermore, it is probably impossible for young people including people who still go to school, to bring the amount of fruit with them to school to get enough calories.
You need to back up your information when you make videos like these, otherwise it seems very unreliable. Here are some key points:
⁃ You say that you poo after every meal because your colon is super affective and cleansing. I don’t believe this to be true. Your colon works best digesting different types of food, and actually only absorbs some types of nutrients combined with other nutrients. Also, the reason you might go to the toilet so often, is because you’re not giving your colon fibers (cellulose) to work with. Super fast digestion is not a sign of health, it’s a sign that you are not digesting properly and therefore not absorbing the nutrients and calories you must. This can lead to unwanted weight loss – as you mention.
⁃ You say your nails feel stronger. This cannot be true, since the human nail only grown about 3 mm a month which makes it impossible for you to feel the new strength in you nail after a short period of time (from root to tip takes moths to grow)…
⁃ Sticking to only one fruit for a long period of time can make you deficient in some of the essential vitamins and minerals which can have very huge impacts both physically and psychologically.

At the end of the day I’m not saying you’ll die from doing a mono meal diet for a short period of time, but it is not a healthy way to eat and it will not supply you with the nutrients and minerals you need. Having said that, yes, it might be healthier to eat mono meals of fruit than to eat processed foods or junkfood, and yes, I do truly believe you when you say you feel good, but this is not healthier than eating a normal balanced vegan diet. I hope you see this, and that it has given you a new perspective, and some points that you might want to look into.

Cheers 🙂

Flower11 says:

what about anemia. is that going to be enough iron for people with iron deficiency?

clayeater99 says:

Eating meat is much healthier then a fruit only diet lol. Cheaper, and you actually get b12 lol.

Aleen R says:

Is your stool still brown on a mono fruit diet?

luisa x says:

i really find this cleanse interesting but isn't it bad if you don't get any minerals from greens or vegetables?🤔

loveisanopendoor says:

I don't think that having to poo immediately after every single meal is a sign of good nutrient absorption. Sounds like diarrhea to me

Eli Yaeli says:

That top on you is not your size. Its a size for a 7 years old .

Bobs fashan says:

guys dont fall for the trap I did and she fucking ruined my life hehe!!!!!! STAY VEGAN but have a variety of fruit veg legumes in your life. bless your body

The Tin Cans says:

!!!! Love it

wildegrl86 says:

How is having so much sugar from mangos going to heal your body? Sugar no matter if natural or processed causes inflammation in the body. That doesn't sound like healing to me.

Giovanni Salinas says:

thankfully I am not an idiot, but I feel bad for the girls with body image issues who could get manipulated by this rheteoric

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