12 Days On A Banana Only Detox Diet: What Happened To Me.

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Find out what happened to Yulia Tarbath after she stayed on a banana only diet, know as a ‘banana island’ for 12 days. A banana island or a mono fruit island is a detox challenge that has many benefits. Yulia describes her banana island and what she experienced during it in this video.

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Charles Carter says:

I hope that anyone watching this video will use their common sense and
realize this is a company selling a product. Eating just one food, and
nothing else for twelve days, is hazardous to your health. Bananas contain
lots of carbs, but NO PROTEIN. So eating just bananas and nothing else will
cause a severe protein deficiency. In other words, you’ll get sick. The
attractive lady in this video appears to be quite healthy. But as the old
saying goes, don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

Cour Barone says:

Our bodies RUN ON GLUCOSE. Fruit is our friend! People FAST on water and
juice for up to 40 days (or longer). Our Digestion uses 80% of our energy.
When we fast, or even mono diet, all our body systems go to rest and start
cleansing processes. bananas, and all fruit supply us with everything we
need! 80 percent carbs, 10 percent protein, and 10 percent fat is the
OPTIMAL ratio for our body, and this is exactly what most fruits are. you
guys, READ AND RESEARCH. there are literally thousands of books on fasting
and fruitarianism and their benefits, people have been doing it for ages.
animals naturally fast when they are sick. mono dieting is a beautiful way
to relax the system and REBALANCE on every level. if you have questions, do
not criticize this woman who is spreading the truth, read and educate
yourself on this! Clearly you are interested or you wouldn’t have clicked
this video! 

Judy Jackson says:

too much and too little potassium will give u a heart attack. Not good for

Kamadev888 says:

People are going bananas.

Passed High School Physics says:

Bananas are radio active and release ionizing radiation which is detectable
with a Geiger counter. How radio active does she become after eating all
of those bananas?
Think all of that radiation is decreasing her life and increasing her
chances for getting cancer?

Mike Kollin says:

I”m about 1/2 way through your video.

So are you saying “Only eat Bananas for a period of time?”

a gravante says:

To Charles Carter,I do not practice nutrition,I live it.All the information
I gave here I learned from Dr. Robert Morse,who has various degrees in
nutrition,biology,ect.But the difference between Dr. Morse and other
doctors or practitioners is Dr. Morse actually helps people heal from
degenerative conditions, from diabetes to cancer.All with out toxic
drugs.Dr. Morse uses raw ripe fruits and herbs to do this.Do not think just
because someone has all kinds of degrees they really know what they are
doing in the health industry.Most doctors do not even know how to help
people heal.

Farooq Islam says:

I am not sure about bananas. It could be the water and the weather also
contribute to health. More sufficient minerals are available in food in
this Island. People lived in Arab land ate dates and they were healthy. Now
a days they eat every food like Americans and they have all diseases you
name it. 

Melly Kelly Gitts says:

By the way, yulia, do you use anything on your skin at all? Like in the
shower and after a shower. 

RuudJH says:

What is it in bananas that makes people talk so much, and want to tell
everyone about their experiences and share them and talk about themselves
all the time and become so self involved?
Can’t people just eat the damn banana and invent something usefull, or
write or paint? It’s always exercise, banana, exercise,banana.
Drives me up the wall.

lars vegard vesterhagen Bundli says:

She is mor pleasant than bananagirl

Said Jeway says:

I hate those people who watch this then say something negative and it turns
put their fat lazy peopl

a gravante says:

People are meant and designed to eat raw ripe fruit according to Dr. Robert
Morse.Protein is acid forming in the cells.Your body does not even use
protein until after the protein is broken down into amino acids with great
stress put on your body.Raw ripe fruits and vegetables have plenty of amino
acids already in them.

MsFancypants9 says:

Am I hearing a Russian accent mixed with an Aussie one?? never heard such a
mix before, lol so interesting!

Lora Herbert says:

I just saw last week on the TV show The Drs last week and they stated the
banana island is dangerous and after 10 bananas your heart can stop due to
too much potassium. How was your heart? Have you come across anyone who
had heart issues while on banana island or ended up in a hospital because
of it? I was thinking about doing it but want to investigate first.

Alan Heath says:

It seems a bit extreme to me. Around 20 bananas a day would give you
around 2,000 calories (more or less) but double the amount of carbohydrate
and triple the amount of fibre. I would only think it worthwhile if this
were reduced to around ten bananas together with a multi vitamin supplement
and for women an iron supplement. Possibly also protein from whey or
something similar.

It probably does not do monkeys any harm but I would not have thought that
humans ought to do it too often.

CC Cruz says:

Can anyone do this? For example a 13 year olds!?

edmis90 says:

Crazy person much?

IntoTheHeartOfMusic says:

It sounds to me as if you were in a banana induced haze

samantha k says:

I also went on a banana island for my first time for 3 days and it was
AMAZING. I experienced many of the same things. Great digestion, feeling
deep peace, my best athletic performance, less desire to procrastinate,
unprecedented mental clarity, so much good vibes, and it really did seem
like more time was given to me to complete everything I wanted to for that
day. My only wish was that I had kept doing banana island longer! 🙂 

Jesus Christ says:

now eat this banana

DaTimShow says:

Looks like you turned your self in to the bottom of the food chain.

jerrys life says:

this many bananas gave me gas 

AddAngel says:

Today is my first day on the banana island. 🙂 I’m excited to take the

IEatBitches4Breakfas says:

I don’t even know why I’m watching this, I am extremely allergic to bananas
🙁 can this be done with any other fruit?

Storm Surge says:

If I was on a tropical Island paradise, I would be peaceful too

PetalofRed says:

LOL! Its like you became a super human ALL from eating bananas! Oh wow…
LOL Who would believe this?!!!

Joelle Heinritz says:

I did watermelon island 2 and a 1/2 days. Banana island 1 day, and mango
island 1 day. I want to do them longer in the future.

carmen lopez says:

too much talking and instruccion

samantha k says:

Oh and I live in Tennessee. No tropical paradise or banana plantations
there ;)

Carb Crunching Vegan says:

Glad you enjoyed it! I’m currently on banana island atm! Loving it,
interesting you mentioned about water, i’ve been drinking lots and making
sure i’m still hydrated, but I do feel like I need to drink more, any idea
why this is?

Popescu Marian says:

So, why did you stop? Or why don’t you repeat this experiment more ofther
if you say it gives you these wonderful results?

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