3 Paleo Weight Loss Mistakes

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Hi guys! Today we’re sharing 3 “mistakes” you could be making on a paleo diet that are sabotaging your weight loss. For us, a paleo way of eating is more a lifestyle / health choice and not particularly about losing weight, however many people do achieve sustainable weight loss with the diet.

If you have any tips of your own please leave them below – as well as any questions!

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Lauren Jane says:

I'm just starting to eat a paleo based diet and this was super super helpful! Thank you 🙂

Cassie says:

Oh definitely agree with nuts! So easy to overeat

Ross Dsilva says:

Paleo lol I just call this eating food !

Food Fitness & Frugality says:

Great advice! I am using the paleo diet for weight loss, and I have found these to be true.

Amani Mudavadi says:

Are we allowed to have peanut butter?

Tasha Averett says:

Just want to say, THANK YOU! you young ladies are so inspiring! I am new to paleo, and you two give such great advice! Once again, thank you so very much!

Sean Redmond says:

I think advice on fat/nut is really true…. When I first got into low carb/paleo I went fat crazy! ,….. and had lots of fat to lose! … I stalled!

deathpresent101 says:

are y'all a couple?

ABLAZ X (Armaniblast) says:

very informative girls
I've gone Paleo for a year now
40 something man and I feel 20 in great shape.
happy holidays.. 😋😎

JaylynsWorld says:

i love this video thanks ladies

Sharday Cota says:

do a video on starches and fat (what they do and how much)..and cravings going paleo…. and what to do about them and why they come?

chocolate ties27 says:

thanks guys for the video. I'm new to paleo, can you tell me if almond milk is okay for paleo?

Hamna says:

I would love to see that emotional eating video

Brittany Alana says:

I love your second suggestion. All these processed and pre-packaged "paleo foods" completely contradict what the point of the paleo diet is. I call those foods "Fake paleo"… because the point of paleo is to give up processed food. Primal eating did not include crushing nuts into flour, so they could bake desserts. lol

Me Oma says:

What are your thoughts on bulletproof coffee?

marina n says:

Nuts and nut butters are my biggest weakness haha.

jera juilfs says:

Thankyou for this video! Paleo brownies are my weakness haha.

improviselifehappens says:

I agree that Paleo is a way of life. I recently started a channel. You all should check it out.

Debra G. says:

I eat a lot of salad. What do you use a a salad dressing? Thanks for the videos. You really encourage me. Debra

Roxy Mcculloch says:

I paired Weight Loss Green Store Tea with a paleo diet and lost weight. I felt less hungry and had energy to spare. No stomach up set and feel great. I would recommend adding this product to a health yeating plan. Great product.

Sarah Winters says:

Help with gaining or maintaining weight on paleo?

Kaitlin Hancock says:

Please do more what I eat in a day videos 😁😁

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