365 Organic Maple Syrup Grade B is my Master Cleanse syrup-of-choice

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365 Organic Maple Syrup Grade B is the syrup choice I keep coming back to every time I do a Master Cleanse.
Where to buy maple syrup grade b? I get mine at Whole Foods. By the way, I’ve tried Grade A and a host of other brands in the past, as well as cheaper non-brand selections. But hands down, 365 Organic Maple Syrup Grade B is the most delicious and packed with the most nutrients, as far as my taste buds and energy levels are concerned. The Master Cleanse only consists of a few nutritional elements, so it seems smart to consume the most potent ingredients! I also use organic cayenne pepper, organic lemons… and filtered water 🙂


Jane Belle says:

dude you're hysterical! i love it! i'm starting the cleanse, and now I will be doing it with fun! definitely throwing away all of the ridiculous measuring devices 😉 thx for the laughs

Civille7 says:

Is that really grade B maple syrup?

It seems kinda watery–almost like grade A amber?

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