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I wanted to show all of my followers my progress since I have been off the cleanse. It has been 68 days since I completed 20 days of the master cleanse. Thanks to all who encouraged me to keep going during the cleanse. Visit one of my blogs. http://themastercleansing.com
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Letty Barnett says:

@ PVAMU100 Thanks for the comment. I am happy that this video is helpful
for you. Good Luck on your 40 day cleanse. WOW!!

ag72 says:

cleansing my ARSE, change in life style & eatting habit is what made the
change happen as it did, for millions of others, NOT some mircle cleanse BS.

Letty Barnett says:

@snowfallxx Thanks for your comment 🙂

missjoanna95 says:

Hey! Please answer! <3 I wonder if I loose like 20 pounds on the master
cleanse diet, will it actually show on my body, will I actually be 20
pounds slimmer? Can I workout while I'm on the diet? Not cardio though, but
like weights and stuff so that I dont loose all my muscles & toning. 🙂

DivaJacobs313 says:

@letbarnett Thank you for the encouragement. I will check back. Each Day is
a PRESENT, A Gift to me, For (11) years ago I broke my neck and I became
free. I no longer worry about life’s problems stress or strife, Now I focus
on Spreading LOVE & Light and getting on with LIFE!!!

Letty Barnett says:

Wonderful. I am so happy to hear that you have been inspired. Be sure to
read the entire manual at least 3 times before attempting the cleanse. Take
things slowly while you are doing the cleanse. I wish you the best of
health. All the Best to you 🙂

Jovan Coward-Brown says:

I’m going on a 40 day.cleanse.thanks for the vid this is going to help me

DivaJacobs313 says:

Gurl, you have inspired me. Please encourage me. I need to cleanse my body.
I started today. Thank you for this video. Waves of Passion from my pen to
your mind… Glad we are friends and hope we have a real good time. Health
& Prosperity to your house and thee, and may the heavens pour out a
blessing as far as the eye can see! ~Diva J* 2/3/11

addypennyful says:

you look amazing and truly a master cleanse success story…….I’m gonna
watch your videos for inspiration….

Letty Barnett says:

@addypennyful Thank You so much for your comment AddyPennyful; I truly
appreciate your comment 🙂

Letty Barnett says:

@DivaJacobs313 You can do it; just stay focused. I have kept the weight off
and changed my eating for a year now. If I can do it so can you. I am going
to have an updated video of my progress 365 days after the master cleanse
so check back 🙂

Tamara Tolley says:

congratulations!. i just started the master cleanse today, i am so excited
to be healthier.

Letty Barnett says:

@ag72 We respect your opinion 🙂

snowfallzz says:

when ppl get scared is when they “dump the junk” and it comes out of your
eyes, ears and everywhere else!!! I went through 2 “health crises” when I
went on raw food for 6 months..then my brother tempted me with
pizza..asshole. 🙁 anyway, it is one of the keys to the kingdom..to purify
the holy temple. good job!

Letty Barnett says:

@missjoanna95 Yes you can loose 20 pounds and it will show. You can
workout; however If you do weight lifting you may not see the weight loss
you want to achieve because of the weights. You can weight lift after you
complete the cleanse. Don’t worry about losing muscle tone during the
cleanse; your muscle tone will not go anywhere 🙂

Letty Barnett says:

@skennyseo Thanks so much 🙂

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