7 Day EXTREME Detox/Diet RESULTS + (28 Day Challenge)

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Check out the video to see my results…turning this 7 day into a 28 day…

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Carisa Mccain-King says:

thanks for the information I know that I am late but better late than never
…. I will post my before and after to your email thanks again. Sent a
request to myfitness pal

minecraftgirl332 says:

how do you do this detox I really want to do it! do you only drink water
and don’t eat any food ?

ZSA Gitana says:

if you cut out all white strarch and add fiber and greens leave the soda
anyone can lose weight I takes a little time but It works …Eat oatmeal
when hungry …

Ana Tenango says:

Cutting meat out is no good! U have to eat balanced. Meat diary veggies
fruit etc… The trick to loosing weight is not to stop eating its to eat
well and eat small portions. 3 meals a day snacks in between and by a snack
i dnt mean chips i mean an apple or a banana

Yvette Williams says:

Actually the minimum for women is 1200-1500 calories per day. You look fab!

shlinda1 says:

I need your help, I need to lose weight by tomorrow. Please call me!!!!

jannat Khokhar says:

hey can you help me how to make this Detox Diet or do you have a video
about how to make it


Chanterica Bolin says:

hey gurl can you email me what i need to do because i really need to loose
this weight I gained after my having my son 

BeauDeeAddict says:

I did not know you make videos. Subscribed ❤️


Pretwou Anna J. Raynor says:

I have recently decided to start a weight loss plan. Tell me please, can I
start with Detox Diet? Thank you in advance.

kimmie Jones says:

so pretty

trnigyul says:

ooh girl u look great at 155, i’m 150 and i look hella fat and i’m 5’8. How
tall r u?

sabrina sandifer says:

i need your help!!!

Angel Ferrell says:

I need your help

Lisa Cahill says:

Your video is great.. I will try it..I hope i can do it..


that really helped.THANKS!

monteria Wilder says:

Hey great video hey try doing a juice fast and you will lose a pound a

Fatima F says:

I love the cheat treat idea! congrats on your weight loss, I’m starting a
fitness/ clean eating challenge as well 🙂 

SAPerrin1970 says:

Good video

Sugabear1976 says:

Hair secrets please? =) Unit? Sow-in? Either way, ur hair is bomb! &
congrats on the weight loss.

Danny Girl says:

Can you email me and give me some ideas on what to eat?

scj112902 says:

Do you think that you might gain the weight back after the 28 days if you
plan on not eating under 1,000 calories a day ?? How many calories will you
be eating then to maintain 140lbs ?? Do you think that the 4 pounds you
lost in 7 days was just water weight?? 

Julie V. says:

Everything you said in this vid is so true and especially when you talked
about its all your mind and just being really dedicated to your own goals!
I’m upset with myself b/c I cheated on my diet and ate 2 slices of pizza
and so tomorrow I’m going to work out extra hard and lose those slices!

Lorena Castaneda says:


Always Forward says:

Great job!

eunice n says:

Congrats, am with you for the 28 days challenge. You are right it’s all in
the mind, I am juicing 128 oz a day for my own detox…. Loving the results
and energy.

eunice n says:

Hey beauty,did u ever announce the winner for this challenge?

WhomGodHasMade says:

great results and wonderful job!!! =) was it you that had put up a video
on how to get firmer glutes with squats. Cause if so I watched it once but
wasn’t able to find it again. Can you pleas give me the link for it. It was
a great workout you put together. Thank you and God bless. 

MyPureBeauty10 says:

Turning this 7 Day Diet/Detox into a 28 Day Diet/Detox!!!!

MsMelDC says:

It might sound crazy but if you increase your calories, maybe to 1550 or
1600, you will probably lose weight. You can even increase to 1800 every
two days with carb cycling and you will lose. OR your body may be telling
you that you’re just fine at 155 even though you once weighed that much. At
whatever age you are, 140 might just be too small

Reyna Bermudez says:

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