ABC TV Interview: Raw Food Diet for Diabetics to Reverse & Defeat Diabetes

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Like us at ABC TV Interview of DeWayne McCulley, author of top-selling book “Death to Diabetes” describes Super Meal Model that can be modified to use a raw food diet protocol to reverse Type 2 diabetes.


DeWayne McCulley says:

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for your replies.
Let me try to respond to some of your questions, comments and concerns:

1. There are no medications, supplements or pills that will help you with
your diabetes — these are just scams trying to take advantage of you and
take your money.
2. We have the only program that does not require that you buy my book or
spend any money. Just follow the program on my website.
3. Although the videos were uploaded more than several years ago, we have
continued our research and updated our research on my website. Also, most
of what I said on the videos is still relevant today!
4. You can’t “reduce” your diabetes in just a few weeks because it takes 90
days to “turn over” your red blood cells, based on their life cycle. So,
anyone who says they have a pill or something else that addresses your
diabetes so quickly, is either lying or unaware of what diabetes is from a
scientific perspective.
5. For those of you who want to make money at this the RIGHT way, then,
contact my business office. We not only help diabetics, but we help health
coaches, health advocates and others with making money in the wellness
6. If you have any questions or concerns, contact my office via my website,
email or our toll-free number (1-800-813-1927).

DeWayne McCulley
Author, Diabetes Educator & Health Coach
Facebook Page:

be peaceful says:
disenchantedyethopef says:

Some malcontented comments here are incredible. I agree with gifted with
giftedwoman777. Knowledge is empowerment. Dwayne lived through something
that most of us can not relate to. Yet we may be dealing with our own
health issues. Well, our nutritional lifestyle will show up eventually.
Either with excellent, quality in life, or a chronic disease that robs us
of vitality, Good health is the sweetest thing in life. Why not learn how
to feel that sweetness. It is a challenge. Thank you, Dwayne.

Louis Paitson says:

anyone watching this look up gabriel cousens program. Much more effective

clearly says:

@futoncat , well of course, its just that I hear so many people saying
“thats bad for you, its got chemicals in it” Everyone seems to be an expert
these days and after all opium poppies are very close to nature. We need so
much more research into what is good and bad for us. Regards and best wishes

McChulo says:

“caffeine? c’mon you’re hurting me here” nah, you’re hurting yourself with
that caffeine lol

MsSweetPuppy says:

@fr3d420 Guess what little boy, you were reported… your days are
numbered. Anyone that talks like you is devil possessed. I’ve done what I
had to do to report you. Now you can say whatever you want and it’ll just
incriminate you. This is my last response, little boy.

giftedwoman777 says:

I hate to see people saying disrespectful things regarding this video. This
is not the place for that. This man saves lives. I know several people who
have been helped by him.

futoncat says:

@clearly If you look at it that way, everything comes from nature.
Doughnuts come from nature if you go back far enough. He’s talking about
what is closest to nature.

jimmytube717 says:

why is he laughing a lot ? has he been smoking something ?

McChulo says:

right on the fruits and veggies, wrong on the eggs, meats, fish, oils lol

futoncat says:

@clearly Yes! I agree with you! 🙂 Regards and best wishes to you as well 😀

futoncat says:

There are omega 3’s in olive oil? whaaaat?

clearly says:

All chemicals are natural by nature. We just dont know what are the good
and bad ones. What diabetics need is, as you say a good diet. We are
bombarded with what is good and what isnt but hardly ever how much. And how

rudi kriek says:

That is one noisy ass chair he’s sitting on!!

fr3d420 says:

@MsSweetPuppy 2 year olds would be able to link to the god damn video.

fr3d420 says:

Hey you are a fucking idiot OP for not linking to the previous video.

MsSweetPuppy says:

@fr3d420 You need someone to shove a bar of soap in your mouth buddy boy, 2
year old.

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