Best Juicer for Juicing Beets + Best Beet Juice Recipe

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John from shares with you the best cold press juicer for juicing beets. In this episode, you will learn the differences between fast and slow juicers and how they may affect the quality of the juice you are making with your home juicer. You will discover why you shouldn’t make beet juice with a blender or high speed juicer.

You will learn about several different styles of juicers and which juicer a juicing expert would choose if he were juicing large quantities of beets to make raw and fresh beet juice.

You will discover just some of the many benefits of drinking beet juice, such as improved athletic performance, deceased blood pressure, improved blood flow that may promote better brain cognition and help with E.D.

Next, John will share his #1 beet juice recipe with you that is just two ingredients and tastes amazing so you can supersize the quantity of beets you eat to get the benefits they provide.

Finally, John will share his opinions why using a juicer can help with more than just athletic performance or blood pressure from juicing beets.. It will enable you to juice a variety of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits to get the benefits that these natural plant foods can provide.

After watching this episode, you will learn the best juicer for juicing beets, a delicious beet recipe and why you should start juicing a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to just beets.

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AcanOF Whipass says:

lols when you made that juice my mouth started watering up at the thought of how damb nice that juice looks.

judinesimpson says:

I have been watching your videos for the last 2hrs. my husband just surprise me with the slowstar juicer and i have just been watching different videos on how to use it. you have been very helpful. Someone also mention that the slowstar can also be used for making smoothes but I'm yet to see a demonstration using the sloestar…. is that so? I haven't used my juicer yet but can't wait to juice some beets!

Shurla Mcmanus says:

Do you recommend the slow star over the kuving?

Sara Miller says:

John could you do a video on the clean up on the slow star juicer. I would love to see how long it takes. Thanks. oh and I love all your videos.

studiotime says:

I have been juicing everyday now for 8 months and the only fruit/veggie I just could not do was beets. I just can't get over the earthy, muddy like taste.

Puertoricanbeauty22 says:

Yum 🙂 I am going to try this tomorrow with beets, pineapple and maybe some strawberries and banana. ❤️ thank you for the recipe I will make this in my new vitamix.

Grannieannie F says:

I got my Slowstar from you sometime last year and really like it. I use it almost every morning. I never cared for cooked beets, so never ate them. And never knew how good they tasted until I juiced them with other juices. I need to start growing my own, too!

Aaron Waller says:

i've been thinking about getting my first juicer. going with the slowstar from discountjuicers i love all your comparison videos they are made the way i would make them but way better. don't sound like a salespitch at all and that makes me want to support you.

Jeri Kontogeorgis says:

Love my Slowstar! Discount Juicers has the best customer service.

Ahmed Almuhairi says:

its time you get your self a directional mic. hard to hear you

bincepilot says:

I did the beet spew thing too! 600ml of room temp beets. Kids thought i was dying!!

samer1naoum says:

Hey John! Love the video, as always I learn something new 🙂 I just had a quick question regarding the Hurom 2nd Generation Juicer – It looks identical to the 2nd generation Omega vertical juicer VSJ843 Model but has a 10 year warranty not 15; I wanted to order one for my grandmother as a gift and the only two models I could find were the Hurom 2nd Gen and the Kuvings model. In your other video with the Kuvings vs Omega juice off the Omega clearly wins. If I could I would definitely get the Omega model but it is sadly unavailable. I also remember in a super old video you explained the hurom and omega are under a similar company but just branded different with different warranties; is the case the same here? Thank you for your time in reading this message and hope to hear your feedback soon!

shonjuan11 says:

We love our Slowstar…thank you again John. (Thank you for saving us $$$ at .)

Elizabeth Long says:

..thank you ☼

devon hopson says:

im new to juicing, thanks for this video. It's hard in knowing what combination of fruit/veggies to juice. I just bought my first juicer thru your company I was that impressed with your knowledge.

Avi Leybik says:

Great Video. I have been using beets but never thought of using them with pineapple, thanks for the inspiration John.

Patrick Griffith says:

of course slowstar… it is always the slowstar

Boodieman72 says:

My issue with beet juice was at the other end from you John. What about beet juice made in a press, like the Wells?

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