Blending vs Juicing – Which is Best for Weight Loss

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John from answers the question what is the difference between blending and juicing. In this video you will learn the specific differences of blending vs juicing and which may be more beneficial to lose weight or just get healthy. After watching this video you will discover the differences between inexpensive juicers and blenders and which ones John prefers to use. Finally you will see the end result of juicing and blending the same recipe in both machines so you can learn which may be the best for you.


Hizner says:

Just because something is not in a “liquid state” doesn’t mean it won’t get
absorbed. Many of the difficult-to-extract polyphenols and other
phytonutrients tied up in plant fiber are ultimately freed up by the
microflora in our intestines, where they are then absorbed by the body.
This is how many of the benefits from legumes and plant carotenoids are
obtained. That’s why I prefer blending as it retains much more of the
nutrient-rich fiber. Our physiology has been honed over countless
generations to handle whole foods, so is it any surprise that our bodies
can benefit so much from (insoluble) fiber?

Kennie Ke says:

LOL I thought he was going to gag on the blended mix :D

ricebowl3 says:

this video is the best most unbiased one
i’ve found

gee money says:

hey john…thx for the excellent breakdown on juicing vs blending…i
actually have both….my question is about the vitamix….what is a good
way to strain the juice to separate the fiber? thx …


I have a Health Master, I used it tonight, it made an exceptional smoothy.
I used 1 whole carrot, 8 white grapes, 1 pear, 3 crowns of broccoli, one
pink lady apple, 3 strawberries, and 1 stalk of celery. Man was that good.

CiganoBoxer says:

Vitamix all day any day for me 

MYO R says:

You are the “Dr. Oz” for juicers 🙂 . Very nice video. Thank you.

Gamesof Thrones says:

The juicer takes the fiber away from the juice which is bad. You lose more
of the nutrients that way. I totally prefer the blending because the
integrity of the nutrient is kept in tact. 

Gail Carr Richardson says:

Thanks for the info. This video answered a lot of my questions about the
differences between juicers and blenders. 

Catherine Portoviejo says:

Nice video but I’m going to stick with a blender because you really don’t
have to cut the fruit just peel it if you have/want to

Amanda Lewis says:


Cary Southwell says:

Blending vs Juicing – Which is Best for Weight Loss

Denise Jones says:

Blending vs Juicing – Which is Best for Weight Loss? 

alex pal says:

thanks John your great postings.Keep posting!!

sunburNvegas says:

This seriously just answered everything I’ve been thinking! I finally
talked my dad into passing me his vitamix – I made ALL my baby food 4 years
ago with my youngest – and have had cheapy blenders though-out the years —
I do a lot of smoothies, but a lot of them call for yogurt – I am
definitely looking into getting a juicer – as they both are beneficial!!

Judy Morgan says:

love the hybrid idea. I use my tools daily, often 2-3x… hmmm… air
oxidation gas… still sense the combinations need tweaking. saw F, S, &
ND… in june of 11 I used HCG over a period of time to release 40#, & am
maintaining on plant-based… says:

At this time, we do not have any plans to offer that model. It is
significantly more expensive, and I fail to see ‘that much’ improvement to
justify over 2x the cost. says:

I use almost exclusively ceramic knives in my kitchen. They stay sharper
than metal knives without much upkeep, and are lighter.

Jay M says:

Excellent video! Thank you.

extrovertedthinker says:

I actually prefer blending to juicing.. I had a juicer, but got rid of it
after I got my vitamix. I like only having to blend for 45 seconds as
opposed to doing all the chopping, several minutes of juicing, and several
minutes of cleaning from juicing.. Either way is a good choice. says:

People use the pulp in soups, salads, eye masks, feed to their dogs, bake,
make crackers. I personally use it to feed my compost pile or worms in the
garden to rebuild my soil. says:

The Vitamix Turboblend VS Its available at discountjuicers*com

jodis1957 says:

Thanks for another great video! Currently using a blender and trying to
decide on which juicer! Need the greens for gut issues and know that celery
is a tough one to juice without clogging the juicer!

Gore Tongue says:

cool video, i cant afford a juicer so i was really curious and you
explained everything man. grateful for this thanks a lot 🙂 says:

Hello. I prefer ceramic knives and bamboo cutting boards 🙂 says:

the rocket I used is baby rocket, and its taste is much more mellow than
regular size arugula.

Pinky Green says:

Fabulous! Very helpful video. Thanks!

John Texas says:

I had the older stainless VM with reversible blades. Just can’t force
myself to fool with that again, esp for the cost. Juicing is so much less

Jennifer Peterson says:

OMG John I didn’t even know you had this channel!! I have been watching
your gardening channel forever. I found this through rawKristina (is that
right hahaha) very awesome!!

Mike Cartwright says:

Wouldn’t simply using the VitaMix Tamper save all the cutting? Works for me. says:

please consult your doctor for medical advise. If I had some kind of issue,
I would be fine with only juicing. says:

I would say its possible, but may be difficult.

mysterytour67 says:

What’s the white blade knife, I keep seeing it. Is it better than metal
blades? All the videos on all your channels are great.

Mattertea says:

Is it possible to gain weight on a heavy fruit/veg juice blend diet?

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