Blending vs Juicing

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What’s the difference between blending vs juicing? This video will inform you about the benefits of blending vs the benefits of juicing. I also discuss the many ways you can use the leftover pulp from juicing. Check out more Juicer Reviews | Best Juicers at

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pod4477 says:

"Beautiful, smooth, pink, I love it" 😏

Salobrena Smith says:

gimme a juicer any day

Nicole Slade says:

Disappointed my Ninja Professional 1000 can't handle kale. 🙁 But like you said I get all the nutrients. I'll just get sip and chew. I intended to purchase a Vitamix or Blendtec, but I caved on something a little cheaper. Follow your first mind.

UrbanExplorer1000 says:

you can just blend then strain too

lynn pistoll says:

I really enjoyed that and learned a lot from it.  I will go get my blender out now.  My juicer from way back when is somewhere in the basement.  Thought you really did it well, and you seem to be such a beautiful person with passion as well.  Good on ya.

Sabrina Carmelotes says:

i like the way you talk. :-)

crimsonfairytale says:

why not add juice from the juicer?

Jeffrey Farrow says:

Just get a straigner and use that piece of high technology to separate the seeds from the "whole foods smoothie".
Did you even think about this route?

Valken says:

I got a blender with a strainer, I put water with the ingredients, blend and then strain with the blender multiple times. Like this I clean the fibers of all the nutrients for maximum benefit. Too much fiber limits the amount I can eat in a single day. Neither simply blending nor juicing would give me so much benefit. 

Jay H says:

I dont know what I like better the teacher or the lesson…

Amber Nguyen says:

What kind of juicer would you recommend that would not kill the nutrients from the veggies and fruits? 

Adam Welsch says:

it looks like the blender was not designed for making these drinks, its 2 messy 2 loud 2 time consuming while the Juicer sole purpose is to make these drinks. The choice is obvious its time to buy a Juicer thanks 4 your video

Dennis Santos says:

What a lovely review! Thank you!

George B says:

thanks awesome video well done 

spqa2004 says:

Are you from Florida?  You sound like a Southern Floridian (not South Floridian, mind you).  :-)

Moto Didj says:

You are cracking me up!!  I loved your video!  You have a talent of comfort on camera that you may not even realize.  I could watch you blend and juice stuff all day!  All I can say is… "mmmm"   But please please please DON'T reach into that blender while the power is on, I mean how many scary movies have we all seen?  

Andrew du Toit says:

When you juice you are suppose to add  equal amounts of water. I.e. if you have 500ml of juice you should dilute it with 500ml of water. Reason, too much sugar undiluted.

Joan Williams says:

Thank you beautiful, you made my day. A lot of my questions were answered just by watching . Love you

bayouranch says:

I have both of those except vitamix blender, I like the blender, easier to clean up, you can add coconut water or juice , you don't have to dilute with water.  but if you just want one thing like carrot juiced then yeah, but usually I use more than one thing, Vitamix will get it as thin as you want it.

meloedit says:

blending requires more preparation in cleaning pits and certain skin and rinds such as found on lemons and watermelon. Centrifugal force juicers takes care of pits and and rind which saves time in prep. Can't stress enough that one MUST wash their fruits and veggies very well before juicing or blending. to your health BlendHappy!

Joshua Smith says:

Get a vitamix, no chunks

Nian T says:

You're pretty

Najeeb Rahman says:

Make some easy delucious ice cream in blender with out using heavy wipped cream

John M says:

Your a smart beautiful woman, but I really think you should change your hair to brunette, to your natural colour. Why on earth is there not a huge rock on that finger? OMG you are so sweet.

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