Video “before” pictures. August 2012
It was rough but I got to day six. It gave me the results I was looking for. Thanks for everyone’s love and support. Also you can continue you to follow my diet and exercise [More]
Starting Weight: 211 FINAL WEIGHT: 203 MD: cant believe you got thru a whole friggin week without eating one single solitary smackeral of food. god bless you. you’ve given everyone with a lil pudge or [More]
Wow day 4 is a huge hump (for me). Still wondering how long how I should do the Master Cleanse Diet… We’ll see on Day 10…. This is part four of several videos I will [More]
Grab Your Colon Cleanse Free Trial Here: Learn More About Colon Cleanse Click Link Below: Colon Cleanse, Colon Cleanse Review, Colon Cleanse Free Trial, Colon Cleanse does it work, where to buy Colon [More] Cheryl shares her journey with Chelitis and Celiac Disease She chose to do a The Daniel Cleanse Diet for 10 days. In this is a video she shares the first day of the [More]
Wasnt able to get to my computer last night.. So.. I did a recap of it on Day 10… No i didnt fall off.. Oww!! I got bigger plans! This is my second go around [More]
WOW!!!!! Im done.. Pooped out!! (literally).. It was a nice journey… stay tuned for my next cleanse in May! Keep tuned and subscribe!! I will have follow up videos in a few.. just STAY TUNED!!!!!! Juice fast cleanse day 1. This is what we had for lunch. Juice fasting is a great way to reboot your body. It helps clear your skin, helps you lose weight, and cleanse your [More]
Link to free gifts here: Lose weight faster with a cleanse. Cleansing, Cleanse Diet, Weight Loss Cleanse; which one does your body need? Educate yourself on the differences between a Juice Cleanse, Master Cleanse, [More] – Take the #1 Candida Test Online! – The #1 Natural Chronic Yeast Infection Candida Cure System with THOUSANDS of TESTIMONIALS! Do what works! It’s Natural, Safe and EFFECTIVE! Take our 9 Part [More]
Body cleanse diet whole body cleanse A Body Cleanse or Body Cleansing is more than just a colon cleanse or liver cleanse only, it is a whole body cleanse. Read the review below to [More] – A kidney cleanse diet helps to keep your kidneys in good health, ensuring that your body’s systems (and individual organs) get whatever they need to function properly. It’s an incredibly important step towards [More]