Bubba The Love Sponge tries juicing, while Nikki is busting his balls.
Juicing wheatgrass with Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer
Mari Lopez was healed from Stage 4 Cancer by turning to God and changing her lifestyle and eating habits. She was healed by changing her habits, environment, nutrition and spiritual walk. Mari was healed in [More]
Why Juicing Is Beneficial for Diabetics? Because diabetics often get nutrients lost through excessive urination, juicing is a good way to compensate for nutrients loss as well as to help the body stay hydrated. In [More]
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Here is a video I put together showing what I do when I Juice. You can follow this to get you started. Add other ingredients and experiment with different flavors. I sometimes add some Greek [More]
Starry wanted to share a quick video on HOW SHE IS USING JUICING to HEAL her body and FEED her muscles and cells as she continues to HEAL after her traumatic bike accident. MANY people [More]
Fat. Sick. Nearly dead. Have you heard of it? Joe Cross created and starred in this viral documentary about cleansing your body with juice alone. Joe was able to completely heal himself of chronic urticaria [More]
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Count how many times RJ walks back and forth in the video!! So I’m just answering some qurshuns about juicing I get alot. I follow Chaud’s Juice Therapy on Instagram and get all types of [More]
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Introduction and juicing test of a brand new Sana Juicer by Omega.
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