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http://supermarketdomination.com – This quick video describes the foundation and philosophy behind eating on the paleo diet and living as our ancestors did. The goal of this video is to break the paleo diet down and [More]
Yes, it can be done. I do it. You don’t need to power your body with sugar to enjoy exercise. The Primal or Paleo diet works very well. It teaches your body to burn fat [More]
There is no benefit from using the glycemic index to choose foods; and GI leads to worse instead of better choices much of the time. And according to the evidence, there is no such thing [More]
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This is another example of my daily food on the paleo diet. Enjoy! If you have any questions please let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for watching. Music: Intro: David Lee Roth, [More]
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HEY YOU! LOOK HERE! What is Paleo: 00:13.7 -what is eaten in a Paleo diet: 00:30.9 My experience on Paleo: 1:02 -how and why I went Paleo: 1:03 -how I felt on Paleo: 3:01 My [More]
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In this video, I discuss my initial results on the AIP (Autoimmune Paleo Diet or Autoimmune Protocol Diet) and how I hope to heal my IBS, migraine, fertility and other autoimmune issues. As always, please [More]
Can you drink coffee on the Paleo Diet? Watch day 2 of Michelle Money’s Fitness Guinea Pig review. Miss the beginning? Watch the complete fitness review: http://bit.ly/18JCAT2 About Fitness Guinea Pig: On Fitness Guinea Pig, [More]
The Paleo diet-turned-lifestyle phenomenon mimics how our cavemen ancestors ate, slept and exercised.
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