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In this video we share an example of a weekly grocery shop for raw meat for our 2 dogs and cat.
In this video I share what I eat in a day as a fully raw vegan! I have been eating 100% raw since October 11th 2015 and have never felt better. I hope that this [More]
I completely changed my diet to being fully raw vegan (no animal products, meat, dairy, or anything cooked above 118 degrees Fahrenheit) for a full week, and it was both incredibly difficult as well as [More]
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Dog & Cat Raw Diet Calcium Supplement :Why NO Vitamin D3 Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com
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Raw Diet for Pets – How to make a bulk batch Using our recipe found here http://bit.ly/2pX8SYB , today I show how I make a batch that lasts my 2 cats about 6-8 weeks. While [More]
Farm of Life (www.farmoflifecr.com) guest Rene learned how to control his Type II Diabetes and normalize his sugar using a fruit-based raw food diet. We discuss the different strategies of raw food diets for curing [More]
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Peter Caine Discuses House Breaking Puppies, No Wee Wee pads and Raw Diet Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com
Bento Box Meal Prep | Raw Food Diet. This is a day of FullyRaw vegan meal prep, and you can easily do this for a week’s worth of meal prep! The Bento Boxes on Thrive [More]
Janiece finally convinced me to try Harlow on a raw diet. I did not think this type of feeding was for me and my family’s lifestyle, but I can’t deny that the benefits seem amazing! [More]
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