Dog poop on a raw diet often looks white. This is caused from the bones eaten. I have noticed that since feeding my dog a raw diet he not only poops less often, and less [More]
Part 2 of ‘feeding your dog’ vlog.
It all starts with a good diet (words to live by)
This recipe is all about the dressing not the salad, you will not believe this this raw or vegan, this creamy paste can be made thicker if you like and act as a pate or [More]
Quick video of my reasons for choosing raw and my 7 month old pup chowing
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This video was sponsored by “Doberman Labs” daily plus supplement. I had the opportunity to try their product on my dog and am very pleased with the results!! If you would like to try this [More]
ALONZO is a very gentle and playful 16 month old chocolate Labrador Retriever. He’s been on raw diet (bone-in) since he was a puppy. Raw bone and meat is the most nutritious form of food [More]
* LOW FAT RAW VEGAN E-BOOKS at The Top 15 Mistakes Beginners Make on a Raw Food Diet 1. Misinterpreting the Cause of Blood Test Results – Don’t forget how long you spent living [More]
Vets never recommend raw diet..this is why. They think you are too stupid to comprehend that your dog or cat needs more calcium than you Peter Caine Dog training
5 month old roscoe the doberman enjoying his natural diet of raw chicken and one pork spare rib
Reverse Diabetes Eating FullyRaw! Join me as I interview one of my best friends Robby as we talk about reversing diabetes eating a plant-based raw vegan diet. It’s diabetes awareness month. Let’s celebrate health! Robby [More]
Our pets did not choose to live with us we brought them to ours lives and they deserve to be feed the way nature intended so say no to kibbles (killer ingredients bad breath less [More]
This BARF recipe is has been tested and proven to build muscle and boost health in dogs. The benefits of this raw diet include a shinier coat, cleaner teeth, more energy, stronger joints, smaller stools, [More]