Creating Habits | Juicing 101 | We Raised How Much!?

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In this video I talk a little more about juice cleanses, share my first full day of juicing & review the juices. I also talk a little about how to create habits & share how much we all raised through my Beginner 8 Week Guide to Your Best Self! I know a lot of you don’t care for the juicing or understand it but I still want to share my experience with those who do care!

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Ashley Garcia says:

Your poop will be very green haha sorry if it's tmi but it caught me by surprise when I tried a juice cleanse!

Megan Potter says:

Are you still working out while doing this cleanse?

piercedchickk says:

do u have the link of the exact one u got?
is it the easy, hybrid…?

Maité Passow says:

and it's super cool that you donated all that money and didn't spend it for yourself! <3

Aimee Cheslock says:

A day without solid food 🙁 You are so strong to give up your pb & J and Kamut puffs! Good luck with the next 2 days!

Susie Oakley says:

Yay! Excited for this one. I was thinking about trying one as detox and getting sugar gone for good!

Maité Passow says:

I had to laugh so hard: "full day of juicing"?? 🙂

Joe Mama says:

boo who beat me first!!

anyaanat says:

i ware in a resturant yestrday
how i track in my fitness pal "Chicken breast and vegetables seared in soy sauce ?

Jessi Clare says:

3 whole days no solid foooods 😲 I would struuuuggle!

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