Day 14: Top 10 reasons you are bloated on a RAW FOOD diet

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Top 10 reasons you are bloated on a raw food diet, fully raw diet. Are you bloated on a raw food high fruit diet? If so I have the reasons!

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Why do i feel bloated on a fully raw diet? It’s not the fruits fault! Here are some reasons…

* You have poor fitness, poor fitness means poor health, poor health means poor digestion and inefficient colon.

* You have come from a past of disordered eating and not only are your digestive muscles weak from lack of use but having a naturally full belly is foreign and mentally challenging.

* You are not used to eating foods that are upwards of 75% water and having a full belly makes you feel fat even though it’s only water.

* You are mis-combining sweet fruits (like bananas) with overtly fatty foods like nuts, seeds, avocado.

* You are mis-combining lower water content foods like dried fruit with fresh, higher water content fruits.

* Instead of eating melon alone and for breakfast you are eating it later in the day and it mixes with slower-digesting foods.

* You are in transition to this lifestyle and your colon still contains remnants of meat, dairy, eggs, grains which are slow digesting and mix with the fast digesting fruits. Which equals BACK UP.

* You still have excess fat in your bloodstream that is hampering your digestion and slowing down fruit digestion.

* You are dehydrated, your digestive enzymes need to be bathing in water in order to digest food properly. Not only that but every bodily function hinges on the availability of water. Dry stools mean constipation.

* You are not getting to be early enough and your nerve regeneration is compromised which is critical to your digestion.

Remember it’s NATURAL to have a nice round belly after eating…go to bed like Buddha and wake up like Gandhi!


Freelee the Banana Girl says:

Folks I made a video today of me eating 51 bananas in one day, check out my
latest video and thumb this comment up so others see it! 

Meilenwerker says:

Some good hearty loud farts will solve the problem.

chasa88 says:

What about fructose intolerance? I would really love to know what you think
about that.

Edith Garqui says:

People please if you have a Negative Comment… KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Waist
of time! New fruit bat here. Love what I hear, it’s common sense. Thanks

Rachel Phillips says:

I love you so much! You inspired me to be vegan and it’s going great so
far. But so much bloating!! I have been anorexic for a while and when I see
that you were to, I’ve realized it’s possible to recover! You’re such an
inspiration! Keep doing what you’re doing!!!!! LOVE YOUUU!(:

Saxophone and Clarient - Austral says:

I am not surprised of some things in this video. I know of people eating a
typical restorant big meal. Like Spaghetti followed by a veal stake
followed by dessert (tiramisu) a coffee and a piece of chocolate followed
by a piece of watermelon. Two hours after they don’t feel too good and they
will say “I should not have had that slice of watermelon”

dinkaDPB says:

You enjoy making us look at your stomach? Wow you woke up today and you
still had one? s miracle. how about s shotgun to the head. That would make
my day.

Kikiomme says:

i hate eating my hot meals slow u_u cause they get cold :c 

Shayla Cule says:

hello, I just started watching your videos on YouTube. I’m a type 1
diabetic (juvenile diabetes) meaning my immune system attacks the insulin
making cells called beta cells in my pancreas.
I did not get it from eating too much sweets or junk food, it’s just my
pancreas is broken, I have to be on insulin injection, carb count.

my question is how can I start a high carb diet and keep my blood sugar
under control? I love animals and I want to be healthy, my family try to
use natural organic products as well as eat organic food. please get back
to me as soon as you can. I look forward to hearing your answer. thanks.

Rylie Giovanini says:

my biggest problem right now is this. fighting through it


i want you as a friend so you can help on a daily basis or wife :)

George Adams says:

No matter what I normally post on my Facebook page I get a ton of responses
from hundreds of so called friends… not really friends… then I post
about new cancer treatments… that actually work… no responses… I post
about healthy foods … no responses… about DR Klaper… excellent BTW…
not one like or comment! I usually get 100 a day! WTF is going on? Do they
think they are being fed DOG CRAP??? this is Doctors admitting they have
been fucking up for 50 years and you guys are doing it right and still they
are not even interested to spend an hour to review the FACTS! But grab an
icecream fudge sunday and watch Wheel of fortune and slop it down. IF they
understood the SCIENCE of the PROBLEM… they would PUKE on the spot! In
one of your video’s you said “Maybe there is no help for you” SPOT ON!!!

99% of all our diseases can be PREVENTED by a good diet! No one wants to
hear that! I’m going to f… ing rip my Cardiologist a new asshole because
we NEVER talked about diet… just operations and medicine! Listen… fuck
WADD… whats causing this? If I have to go VEGAN to get better… than why
not suggest that??? why not try that??? not put me on 13 medicines that
make me walk around like a ZOMBIE! The horse just got out… oh… just
close the fucking gate??? MEDICINE has NO COMMON SENSE!!!! And people are

Sarah English says:

Wish I had found you before I started a vegan diet! I fell off the
bandwagon because I just had no time in the day to prep all the food and
it’s hard to get really nice fruits and veggies where I live in the

Research0digo says:

My ex-husband’s ex-sister-in-law lived with her Mum, and on their small
dinette table, were these awesome placemats that had the entire food
combination charts and lists on them.
WHY thay had a problem with letting me go to a copy place and have it
scanned in & a copy made I have no idea.
I do remember eat melon by itself. lol
May I ask you an off topic question?
I can’t afford the Brevilles, so I bought a very similar juicer. I don’t
understand how they grate the food well if the food is going straight
down. The grater parts are to the side, no?
If you don’t know that’s OK. 🙂
Thank you.

Charles Carter says:

Amazing! Did you make up all this stuff yourself or did you have some help?

Shay Aguilar says:

Doctors reccomend only 1 bananna a day
Bc of how much potasium is in them ..
So i WILL NOT BE EATING 2 OR 3 LET ALONE 51 banannas in a day!!! 

k. Julian says:

Kill yourself feminist skinny swab yellow haired scum.

kaikokitosuris says:

Awesome belly muscles!

MeManatee Manatee says:

Thank you for shearing everything 🙂 And please do mace a video on which
food not to combine <3<3<3<3<3
It took me 14 days and I was complitly ok after diet change and the
flouting disappeared 🙂 Love frome Norway

lollsazz says:

Reasons for bloating, from the view of a non-FreeLee-follower = less biased

1) eating a lot of legumes or certain fruits and vegetables: they have
good, but hard-to-digest sugars – bacteria makes gass
2) eating sugar substitutes or fructose – your stomach bacteria makes a lot
og gas when you eat it because it can be indigestible or hard to digest
3) eating too fast, drinking carbonated drinks, drinking through a straw,
chewing gum – all makes you swallow more air
4) eating too damn much at once – try smaller portions more often
5) fat takes longer to digest than protein or carbs – eithet limit your fat
or be aware that you don’t need the next meal as soon after, otherwise you
get constipation then bloating
6) you are eating something your stomach doesn’t tolerate properly, like
dairy if you have lactose intolerance
7) suddenly eating a lot of fiber without relatively to your regular diet.
It is necessary to then drink more
8) slow passage of food through intestines because of weak muscles in the
linning og the digestive tract. Can happen if you eat too many liquid meals
or stuff that is too easy to digest. More common with older people
9) you don’t produce enough enzymes to efficiently break down the food you
eat – buying some of those to loosen up any old poop stuff stuck in your
intestines can work

anthony barbarossa says:

F+DR = you guys are amazing, that is all. :)

Valerie Valdez says:

Your videographer’s comments really added to the entertainment factor of
your short clip. Today is my 21st day of eating raw….I eat lots of
bannanas and I have lost at last weigh in 21 lbs. :)

Laura ws says:

banana and nuts dont go good togethr? i eat a piece of bread with
peanutbutter and banana slices on every day and i feel good…… 

Kya Sinclair says:

I’ve been eating on a dehydrated stomache! I had no idea this is why I’ve
been so bloated. Thanks!

Naommon says:

That’s golden information

iAmanda xo says:

This was sooo informational! Since I suffer from IBS i find that bloated is
the largest issue. I eat lots of fruit and veggies but I also eat grass fed
meat. Now I know I should eat those foods at completely separate times and
drink lots of water :3 

Gabriel Rhode says:

Thank you for your videos. They are helping me get started eating healthy.

Craig GlutenFreeG says:

Raw truths by a fit Aussie. Right on, thanks for sharing, I like her a

Bazza Rhodes says:

I would happily fk u dry!!!

Lin Gin says:

“Always eat melon alone”, that wording forced me to imagine my mom throwing
open the closet door to find me crouched down, spoon in hand, scarfing down
half a watermelon in the dark. Oh the shame, lol.

Jesse Golden says:

I’m naturally like 97lbs and I’m 29 years old…if i only ate fruit i would
probably DIE!! I eat TONS of meat,pasta,cheese,etc. and i can’t gain any
weight. I’ve NEVER had an eating disorder and yes i get picked on ALOT!!!
So if i don’t eat like 3 fattening meals a day i start losing weight so a
fruit diet to someone like me sounds INSANE right?? ANYONE??

sparkymoo says:

I push out my belly to keep my pants up.

SHaFDuDe Parkour Calisthenics says:

That is not good posture. That is terrible incorrect posture. You are not
supposed to suck in your stomach and puff up your chest that is wrong on so
many levels. Your stomach is supposed to be relaxed and your chest should
also be relaxed, you should actually push out your lumbar area of the spine
(push out the spinal area of your intestines and stomach) so that you’re
not slouching. That is correct posture.

If you suck in your stomach you restrict the area that your diaphragm has
to move, therefore your body resorts to your intercostal muscles to breath,
this results in chest breathing, which results in terrible external
respiration, which causes hyperventilation.

Since you’re on a raw vegan diet, you probably know about apes since they
also eat raw and vegan right? Well look at the stomach of an ape, it is
distended, look at a gorillas stomach, it is distended like a pregnant
woman. Why? Because his stomach is relaxed and is diaphragm is his primary
breathing muscle (he is not breathing from his chest like you).

Tacha says:

Do you eat hummus? If so what’s a good recipe? I love hummus but …. Idk

Evonne Williams says:

Thank you. I have been eating raw for 8 days now and was wondering why my
stomach seemed to be getting bigger. That makes a lot of sense. How long
does it take for me to see my stomach go down. Do you recommend a colonic?

Elloa Atkinson says:

I got horrendous bloating about two months into doing high carb raw vegan.
It was awful and I felt like my stomach was getting blistered. I felt
nauseous at the thought of eating another banana or date so I listened to
my body and I’ve been eating cooked high carb meals again and feel much
better. I don’t know who I could ask about what was happening to me without
people telling me I was ‘just detoxing’ so I have resorted to what feels
like the most loving option. Maybe this lifestyle isn’t for every body?

Siân RJ says:

I notice though if i eat a large fruit meal i will be stuffed for about
half an hour, then starving again straight after!!! 🙁 how do i stop this?

Margie Russoniello says:

Freelee, what is your waist measurement? I’m just curious 🙂 

Dan Blaze says:

I love how people read 80 10 10 and instantly become biologists

Louise Blue says:

I have watched your videos for two days straight…love them, you are
awesome and have gotten me so motivated and pumped to go raw vegan! Thank
you =)

Jonh Bananas says:

I find your videos a little bit creepy. A normal diet as far as I know has
2000 calories. And… What is wrong with that anyway?

Madison Swing says:

Could the bloating not be caused by candida? The high fructose content of
so much fruit could be aggravating candida?

Awe Galore says:

I think you’re hot…

Frog C says:

To counteract bloating associated with a raw food diet simply add Chia
seeds to your diet. Furthermore, posture has absolutely nothing to do with
how your stomach performs or operates !!!

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