Day 15: Why a 100% raw food diet can make you SICK. Warning!

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Why a 100% raw food diet can be VERY UNHEALTHY.

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MrsModestAmanda says:

Your body does actually need certain amounts of sodium and oil. And real
extra virgin olive oil is good for you. Sorry 🙁 Just not huge amounts of
fat and salt. I love your videos but saying you dont need fat or salt isnt

dinkaDPB says:

stop showing your stomach in all your videos. Dont like me? i dont like
dumb 20+ year olds who cant stand still, sun burnt and seem to ONLY talk
about diet all day every day. You probably eat too much flour and dairy
which is why your skin looks like shit.

bec goesbananas says:

It makes sense really. My mother likes to reminisce on the old days and
talks about how her grandparents lived on potatoes and they were never fat.
Same as herself. It wasn’t until things picked up and they could afford
junk food and meat that she gained weight. 

one a k says:

i realized that the haters who think that bananagirl is ignorant are the
people who have no knowledge or experience of this lifestyle. they can’t
face the fact that raw vegan diet is very healthy so they lie to themselves
thinking their lifestyle full of processed foods is healthy. you have to be
honest with yourself is you want to evolve.

Sara N says:

Doesnt the brain need some healthy fats?

Victoria Trummel says:

Your understanding of biology is lacking, you are preaching this message
that High Carbohydrate diets are good for you, when in actuality you’re
just consuming dangerously high amounts of sugar daily. Our body needs a
wide array of macromolecules in order to function normally. Humans have
three sources of “energy” that we are capable of consuming and digesting:
Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Fats are complex molecules composed of
fatty acids and glycerol. The body needs fats for growth and energy. It
also uses them to synthesize hormones and other substances needed for the
body’s activities (such as prostaglandins). Fats are the slowest source of
energy but the most energy-efficient form of food. Each gram of fat
supplies the body with about 9 calories, more than twice that supplied by
proteins or carbohydrates. Because fats are such an efficient form of
energy, the body stores any excess energy as fat so they should be consumed
in small amounts. Carbohydrates are small molecules, so they can be broken
down and absorbed by the body quickly and are the quickest source of
energy. They are quickly stored in the body as fat. Because of this
phenomena, eating large amounts of carbohydrates will quickly raise blood
glucose levels and eating a high carbohydrate diet puts you at risk for
acquiring diabetes. Carbohydrates should also be eaten in moderation.
Proteins consist of units called amino acids, strung together in complex
formations. Because proteins are complex molecules, the body takes longer
to break them down. As a result, they are a much slower and longer-lasting
source of energy than carbohydrates. They are not quickly stored in the
body as fat. The body contains large amounts of protein. Protein, the main
building block in the body, is the primary component of most cells. For
example, muscle, connective tissues, and skin are all built of protein.
Adults need to eat about 60 grams of protein per day. Please stop telling
people to kill themselves…. As a biology major and pre-med student, I
can’t stand by and watch you do this. 

Raw Power says:

I was eating a lot of cashews for first 4 months of my fake raw food diet,
and then I was overeating them(like half-killo at once! of a killo even..)
and I desided to fuck this nuts off and go fat free. that was a VERY HARD
2 weeks and then I broke , but my body almost felt the benefits of
none-eating cashew, so in a month I finaly removed them from my diet
without pushing myself. now i’m about a month on a truly fully raw diet, I
only eat coconuts from nuts mb 1 in 2-3 days or more rare or sometimes a
bit more often, but SURE it’s not unhealthy though . so now I start to feel
food MUSH more! b4 I was feeling like an energy of the fruets and it was
almost getting me high just looking at them, but now I feel them inside and
its really fucking amaizing I feel like after smoking a joint after eating
couple ripe bananas or apples or a tea-spoon of honey and basically
anything! it’s fucking much more diferent then eating a lot of
nuts spacialy cashew WHICH ARE VERY addictive people! don’t eat cashew they
are ALLnot raw and bad for you , trust me! don’t be a stupid to change your
lifestyle, diet to find another foolish stupid wrong way! wish u all luck
girls and boys 🙂 :D

Katrina Beedle says:

+Freelee the Banana Girl I’m confused because I’m almost positive I’ve seen
you eat baked potatoes, soups, and vegan breads. Do you not eat cooked
veggies anymore?

Patricia Simmons says:

This is great information Freelee, but can you give some specific please
because I am very new at this and I am not sure what fruits I can eat and
is there a restriction on fruit combinations? Sincerely Love Life

izzy mcgill says:

Hey freelee I’m trying to learn more about your lifestyle so i can try it,
one question do you eat yogurt or a type of yogurt cause i know yogurt is
dairy but do you know of a vegan yogurt. I know it’s a random question, but
it’s one thing i love in my diet but i will cut it out if its not vegan.

chant lyrique says:

What about the Vitamins that are only soluble in fat? You need fat in order
to take up Vitamin A, D, E, and K.
Also, there is no such thing as “glucose deficiency”. I’m not a hater and I
don’t want to shame you or anything, but this is scientifically just not
true. The human body creates its own glucose when needed. Carbohydrates are
the only macronutrient your body is not dependent upon.
I personally think carbs are great and a healthy diet should contain some.
But you can’t get glucose-deficient. You can get sick from not eating fat
or protein, but not so much carbs. (Look it up in Physiology books)

Cheven Kimbrough says:

Who ever is stating that she eats and unhealthy amount of sugar from fruits
should save it for someone eating unhealthy high amounts of animal fat and
flesh that probably was mutilated before served on your plate. But that
probably isn’t you anyways right?

She is simply stating that a vegan lifestyle is optimal for your health and
your families. As an athlete/ competitor it’s the best diet for me. Before
criticizing, take notes from here and other resources and truly give it a
try with experience rather than what someone told you in a classroom.. 

Hmain xxx says:

Guys, if you don’t really wanna be vegan because you are worried about
ill-nutrition, or you just can’t do it? Try being vegetarian! I’m
vegetarian, and trust me, it can be hard to get fat like this! It is
possible, but harder! No meat or fish! And NO gelatin (found in lots of
sweets and stuff)
Without eating all that greasy meat, you can lose a lot of weight, without
being worried about ill-nutrition!

Good luck! xx 

Madeline Kenny says:

+Freelee the Banana Girl I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!! You’re absolutely amazing
and beautiful and i can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this
lifestyle. Never stop making videos <3

Charles Carter says:

What exactly are you talking about? Does anyone know?

Ryan Martin says:

Is this all anecdotal evidence based on personal experience or do you have
credentials and actual expertise in nutrition?

Nadia Shaj says:

You are so knowledgeable and informative and relay information in a really
well way. Literally feel like you are in my room having a conversation with

Maddie Bishop says:

are these things ok in moderation- would it still be better than the
average diet containing meat and dairy- so the bulk of your meals would be
carbs but with a couple of these things added in small amounts>?

Jaana Vryenhoek says:

Love your channel & following you to learn.
Any ideas – kids & snack food?
Before you think feed them more carb, vege & fruit..
My kids are served fruit every meal in large quantities, but they keep
coming back for something sodium based like corn or rice thins.
I have taken a lot out over their diet over the last year.
If they want biscuits or chippies I usually won’t buy them. But are there
any snack crackers that are “okay” I could choose instead without creating
more cravings for them?
Apologies if this has been answered in a previous vid xx
Thank you for all you do you literally have saved my low carb high protein
life that I did not enjoy, where were you 4 years ago xx

Weezly Wee says:

I usually appreciate you videos BUT regarding that almost no fat diet
you´re absoultey wrong! Your body needs fat to produce hormons. For
instance if I eat less than 30 to 40gramms of fat/day I dont have any need
for sex at all. And you dont want that in you live, do you?

Marie George says:

We don’t need bad fats/oils but we do need essential fatty acids (EFA omega
3,6,9) for healthy functioning organs and they are found in nature – flax
seeds and walnuts have the fatty acids we need – and fat does make up a
percentage of a balanced diet together with carbs and protein so all fats
are not bad fats and we need a little :)

Lorina Wells says:

I thought coconut oil was good for you.. And a handful of nuts was good for
you.. Hmmm

one a k says:

the video isn’t related to the title.
i was hoping you could explain why 100% raw is not as healthy as raw until

optizap says:

Switch Nuts for Asparagas

harmonyzmyname says:

What exactly is Ka-Cow?

Padmini Mahalingam says:

Freelee you are such an inspiration! I love eating raw, and I don’t even
have to worry about my weight any more. It all just naturally works itself

Manuelcr7 says:

The point is to combine suger and fat. The human body can’t metabolise both
in big quantyties. Fat alone is even better because 90% of the bodies
energy supply is best adapted for fat fuel. Only type2b muscle fibres need

Inka Parviainen says:

Why do you have to eat so much fat on a 100% raw food diet?

Lilianne .Schreiber says:

i am alergic to bananas and i need protein … i need my seeds and my
nuts!!! where can i get the protein

Dia FEIDressagePrincess says:

I’ve been a Vegan (body building side, so a bit more careful with the fats
already), and looking forward to the RT4 lifestyle. I wish I’d found this
sooner after my main head trauma a few years ago, because I bet it would
have helped. And I’m hoping this might help. Weird things still get
me…swirly things, check patterns, any 3D or XL movies…so these things
tell me I’m not as healed as I’d like to be. MAYBE I won’t ever be, but I
bet cleaning up my diet even more will help.
I understand how you feel about the anorexic/bulimic comments..I struggled
from 17-30 with both and abusing laxatives.
Ok, my MAIN fear to changing to RT4 is the gas. From what I’ve read on the
FB group, it seems to be a problem. Is it a problem because folks are
mixing wrong things? I don’t want to be a fartball at my new job!
I think you’re a phenomenally strong and awesome woman and hope the
comments don’t get to you. My dress comment was in no means meant to be
negative..just wish I COULD look at you while you’re in it. But even our
hundred dollar bills with the holograms on them make my head spin.

Nathan Aponte says:

I thought glucose was bad for you???

k odu says:

I beg to disagree. Cacao is one of the healthiest foods. It is almost a
super food. Himalayan salt is a 1000 times better than our table salt. Not
all oils are bad. Coconut oil is good. Himalayan salt actually helps
regulate High blood pressure. I agree that 100% Vegan diet is crazy. 

Savanah Mick says:

Well, I’ve had issues with my blood pressure being too low. I get dizzy or
lightheaded frequently and have passed out once. My doctor keeps telling me
to eat MORE salt. To start putting extra salt on my meals or take salt
pills to help my body absorb the water I drink. So I wasn’t getting enough
salt from what’s already in the food. I just thought I’d point that out
because some of us need the extra salt and will actually get sick without

Kim Wheeler says:

I keep watching your videos…trying to like you (because you are cute as a
button and seem nice) but I just can’t get past what you preach. You are
way too extreme and a lot of the diet and ideas you follow are not ideal
for other ppl and would actually make them feel worse and be unhealthier.
Can’t watch you anymore but do your thing girl…whatever makes you happy.

Larry Jones says:

What is an alternative to oil?
I always use a smidge in the pan.
Do i buy some new cookware?

Bay Bee says:

Every Body is different. It’s all about listening to your own body. It’s
good to share your personal journey but there is no one mold everyone fits
into. I need good fats to balance my hormones and I too, have the blood
work to prove it.

Country Girl says:

I have started to make my diet change as of about a month and a half ago.
I cannot get my blood sugar out of control. It is still running from 189
to327 now what??????????

hannahs healthy healing habits says:

hey freelee what books have u read?? where do u get all of ur info?? xxx

momentsaver says:

Wow, thank you this helped. Nothing I did not know, just needed to hear it
at this exact moment. :)

Dasha Kostyuchek says:

We are not plants we don’t need sugar in our cells. We need fat. we are
humans, therefore we are omnivores. 

Benjamin Esau says:

Any thoughts on how a vegan type diet can offer all 8 omega-3 fatty acids
as needed in the brain and other parts of the body?

Joel Garland says:

like your channel but…your talk about high carb to make you lean? and low
fat? you have to have fat. mono unsaturated prefereably. avocados or extr
virgin olive oil. most people cant handle a large amount of carbohydrates
any leftover the body doesnt use turns to fat. carb intake should be
moderate at best. a vegan diet with moderate carbs from vegetables and good
fats is the sensible way to go.

NattligMelodi says:

Glucose is in plants, so if people are getting glucose deficient from being
raw VEGAN…they’re kinda retarded. 

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