Day 87 – Do I drink ALCOHOL on a RAW DIET? + Banana Split

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Kathy Inigarida says:

i so wanted to grab that stuffed papaya and devour it. Look forward to your book.

Elizabeth Cano says:

What part of Mexico do you visit? 🙂

Brooke Marean says:

Frick alcohol, I wanna know if you're a stoner. And I love, love your friends!!

Clockwork says:

u Mexican boy?

Breaking Barriers says:

lmfao ive literally eaten sea weed like that

Miss Starla says:

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk that breakfast looked sooooooooo gooooooooood! you should seriously open a restaurant one day. make sure you open one in Long Island, NY! 😀

Hayley Simone says:

Anyone else cringe watching the seed go in the guac 7.50

hi 14 says:

gaston is handsome but i still love neto!! 😄😄 #weloveneto

margaret rosenblum says:

your breakfast – OMG!!!!

Michelle Lapierre says:

Have you or are you a smoker?

Kandy Ludwig says:

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and loving 2017 💥

Michelle Masters says:

I love you Neto. I love your friends and I love that whistle music track. Some of my other favorite youtubers play that track often too. Your friends are the best. You can see how much you all love and respect each other. That is precious and hard to come by. Please ignore the negative nellies and haters that drop by in the comments. I love your channel so much. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

Kait Kymber says:

I need some help! My son just turned 6 and we have had to change his diet recently and I was wondering if you could help me out on a kid friendly recipe. He loves carrot noodles and he loves bell peppers and I am trying to make some new recipes that he will enjoy and make him not miss his old diet. Being diagnosed with Celiac disease at 5 1/2 hasn't been the easiest for him. Our dinners have kind of been hit or miss so I would love some help to make a special yummy raw meal for him. Thank you!

Mercedes Lanillo Moncayo says:

Para cuando videos en español? Lo necesitooooo! ! ! !

Veggie V says:

Drinking open container alcohol while riding in the back of a pickup…Mexico.

Vegan Ana says:

omg estas en piedras negras?

Eat healthy with Jolien says:

Ahh I just love watching your videos every day. It's becoming my morning ritual 😀

Rawnda says:

your so right, alcohol and raw don't go together for me too. I think u feel the effects of it 10X more (it hits u faster when drinking and the hang over is more intense than when ur eating cooked.

eimi says:

I'm telling you – Gaston is The Big Bad Wolf – you better watch out for him – lol- He does have perks though. You should visit him in London and do a brief "Traveling Raw" series. The papaya boat looks amazing- that farm looks fun too –

Kat Romero says:

I love ur videos. Im 14 and its so hard to find Mexican vegans lol

Shani says:

I love those crazy fuckers too! LOL your video's with your friends make me smile. it's great that they are so supportive of you, I have had friends and family actually stop talking to me because I am a vegan and bring up my children the same, you have awesome friends and family!! <3

Agata Linna says:

You are so sweet

Vitalidad Frutal says:

Subtitulos? 😢

Gokhan/VANESSA Kilinc says:

Paisano, amo tus videos todos los días los miro, my question to you is so you eat hunny? Pero contéstame que siempre te pongo u mensaje (lol) Enserio Èh porfis… Y Gastón está muy guapo y tú también para que no te pongas celoso (jajajaj) Que tengas un feliz año 🎊🎆 nuevo que Dios te siga bendiciendo siempre!

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