Do detoxes work? Testing Dr. Oz’s detox cleanse diet (CBC Marketplace)

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Originally broadcast January 17, 2014

Eight sorority sisters take the Marketplace Detox Challenge, testing the claims behind TV star Dr. Oz’s “detox” cleanse. Detoxing has become a multi-billion dollar industry as Canadians gulp down detox elixirs and go to extremes to cleanse their bodies. We ask: is there real science behind the claims, or are we just swallowing a story? Tom Harrington gets the answers.

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joanna lanzoni says:

at 18:15 this doctor states that our bodies having every thing to get rid
of many things that are soluble in water!! Now were all aware that fruit
and veggie company’s coat the fresh fruits and veggies in a small thin coat
of wax!! Yesterday I did the test on an apple!! I used a scouring pad on my
apple under cold water to wash it off.Then I took a knife and scraped the
wax off.I did this 3 times and there was still wax coming off my apple so I
finally gave up and just peeled the skin off!! My point is: I don’t believe
our systems were created to detox itself against a wax substance used to
make candles!! We all know that when a candle melts,the wax is still
there.It just takes on a different form from the melting!! And mind you
This doctors boss is the FDA which approves the waxing of our foods!!

dustysquito . says:

Seems like the entire “detox” crap is just a strict diet of little food
combined with laxatives. If you’re looking at feeling bloated or whatever,
I’m sure eating less, no matter what food you’re eating, will be good for
you compared to whatever you were doing before. 

peipotatoguy says:

Dr. Oz is nothing more than a legalized quack.

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