Do you feel tired on the paleo diet?

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A lot of people feel tired when they start following a paleo diet and there are a variety of reasons for this. In this video, I discuss
a few common things that can make you feel tired when starting / following a paleo diet.

The common reasons mentioned in this video are:
– Not eating enough food
– Eating insufficient carbs
– Not replacing the calories that have been removed from the diet
– Dehydration
– Not eating salt
– Drinking too much coffee
– Fat malabsorption

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Siera Martinez says:

At one point I realized I wasn't eating enough fat even though I thought I was, I upped my healthy fats a little and I had vast improvement! I also eliminated coffee from my diet, I do miss it at times, but in mostly social settings and anytime I'm enjoying the sunrise on a beautiful day!

GetWhatYouGive says:

This is a very informative video. Thank you!

Yvonne Charneskey says:

Not really. Only when I eat too much wheat.

Katey Stevenson says:

great video thanks!!

Rainy Day Treat says:

The number one "food" that I would like to get out of my diet is CAFFEINE! Not just coffee, but the other caffeines that I drink occasionally: tea, yerba mate, Diet Mountain Dew, and even caffeine powder that I add to plain water (which is what I'm doing regularly now). Just one night of bad sleep sends me hurtling down the caffeine roller coaster. It's disgusting.

sam sam says:

great content! would love to hear your thoughts around the confusion of low GI, total carbs, total sugars, glycemic load.

Yvonne Charneskey says:

Ty for this information

Claire8483 says:

Ah now that makes sense… My skin has been very dry and I keep on feeling thirsty on the paleo diet. Thank you 🙂

Cristian Gabriel Groman says:

Hello, Catalina, best regards from London! 😊

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