Ep. 38: How the Paleo Diet (and Movement) Will Change Your Life with Top Authority Robb Wolf

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Today, we have a huge treat for you – though it’s a paleo-friendly treat. Over the next two months, we will be doing a 3 (or maybe 4) part series on paleolithic nutrition and the paleo diet. Though we’ll be spreading these episodes apart to provide a little variety in between, we’ll nonetheless be interviewing the 3 or 4 of TOP experts on the paleo diet, each approaching it from a different angle.
This week, we start with the biggest name in Paleo, and in my mind, the guy who popularized it and made it into a movement: Robb Wolf. He’s a former research biochemist. He’s the NYT bestselling author of The Paleo Solution. He is a student of Loren Cordain, the originator of the Paleo diet. He runs one of the top ranking podcasts on iTunes. He is co-owner of one of the most influential CrossFit boxes in the world, one of the top 30 gyms in America. He serves on the board of numerous health-related companies… Oh, and on top of all of this, he’s a former California State powerlifting champion, and a recovering vegetarian. His incredible story is matched only by the massive influence he’s had on millions of lives! To view the links and show notes from this episode, visit http://becomingasuperhuman.com


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