Fat as Fuck: Banana Cleanse Diet Day 2 Update

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The Culture Bum has published an eBook! AND ITS FREE!
ESL in China: A New Life Traveling the World on Empty Pockets
All of the information I wish someone had told me before I went off to China to teach ESL.


If you feel like throwing me a few bones purchase my book here


My name is Steven, I am 29 and I am a Culture Bum. I moved to China in 2014 to be an ESL Teacher and I absolutely love it. I travel when I can, love the work I do and keep up on what’s going on in China. I’m a vegan (weekend vegetarian) and try to provide a positive spin on fitness and dieting while on the go.

Like a good bum I am accepting donations! If you think that you’ve gained some value from my videos or podcasts, maybe we helped you tune out a bad subway ride or spread some laughter and you feel like kicking some love my way you can send any donation, along with a small message, to stanteau86@yahoo.com and I’ll give you a shout out and do my best to keep you guys happy.

Find my website at http://theculturebum.com

Send all feedback to theculturebum@gmail.com

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This is part of the Positive Echo Chamber, building the circle of encouragement and assistance for everyone striving to run more, focus on fitness and exercise, maybe go vegan or vegetarian, travel, etc.


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