Feeding your dog a raw diet Vlog 8

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Part 2 of ‘feeding your dog’ vlog.https://youtu.be/fRzecKBjbyg


inert11 says:

i reckon your 100% right great blog…

Twizums says:

are they bull arabs? theyre adorable :)

Jesse Ramos says:

Nice mate

ultimatemexicano3535 says:

Cool dog! What kind is he/she and how old? Can it also consume that whole rabbit in one sitting?? It would be neat to see a full raw feeding video of that and raw chicken (quarter/wings/drumsticks etc.) if possible, keep it up! ;)

Joe w says:

ooh I loved this video , I love seeing the dogs eat . also thanks for the new York shout out

Anglesey TV says:

Hi clay enjoy your blogs I have fed my dogs as you do and none have ever been to the vet and live to good old age

Richard Greathead says:

Nothing funnier than city folk telling a country boy how to feed their dogs. Loving the vlogs Clay, keep up the good work!

leif707 says:

never mind the city pansies! ……how much do those dogs weigh?, looks like 70 lbs, fine looking animals!

Michael Weaver says:

Good on ya , Clay! Beautiful animals. A dog doesn't get a coat like that with your typical dry kibble diet. Keep it up.

Mark Ferdinand (Author) says:

Your channel is inspiring. Found it watching wild rabbit recipes. Appreciate what you do!

e. keskin_ says:

Awesome content, liked and subbed. By the way, your dogs are looking beast:)

Abang Adek says:

actually I feed my house dog raw meat too, she gets raw goat meat and bones several times a week I think you gotta start it when they are puppies after they weaned off milk and start on solid food, now that she's bigger I do give her some rice together with dry food for bulk otherwise she gets hungry all the time can't seem to eat enough raw mutton. But I think older dogs may not be able to switch to raw though I'm not sure. My dog's never been sick has good shiny black fur and no ticks or fleas at all.

Eddie Chand says:

its not only dogs who get sick eating all that processed bullshit but us humans too thats why its good to eat organic fruit, veges and meat and some of that old tukker fukker

young guns hunting nz says:

What's the lump on Bruno's head from?

flash more says:

I love the vlogs mate, however, I am curious as to why you keep the dogs un-neutered(or am I wrong)? They are beautiful beasts I love them all especially Bruno and can tell they love you too!

Ay dont get too soft on em though bro!

Walker says:

great vids keep it up

Red_Cod_Liver_King Fur_trader says:

Beautiful dogs Damon. Iv been sayn for years that well fed dogs hunt better, they are stronger, dont get sick, are more obedient and easier to train. Alot of pig hunters i know seem to half starve their hardest workers sayn it makes them quicker. I reckon it just makes them hungry and angry. Id like to know your thoughts mate? Also have you ever used desexed dogs for hunting? I was always against the idea until i had one done (a whole nuther story) now i won't have a dog that isn't nutted and i stay right away from owning bitches. Interested in hearing your opinions
Cheers bro

Kiwi Diver says:

Do some rabbit hunting vids wit blowgun

Sunset Gamer says:

Clay my dog use to be a hunting dog and the owner use to beat the crap out of him because he couldn't get the ear

Jim Silva says:

Dogs should be eating a raw diet that's how there made. Dog food is something people made to be convenient. Your dog's look like puppy's full of energy and health , you must be doing everything right..

Sterling Johnson says:

years ago I had a girlfriend whose father was the manager of the cafeteria at the neighborhood elementary school . and he'd save me two 5 gallon buckets of whatever the kids ate that day… he was very careful to only fill the buckets with the protein and starch components of the meal! and let me tell you… all 16 of my pig dogs were fit to fight any wild boar! that's right in said 16 … mostly pitbull x whippet and pitbull x German short-haired pointer and a few pure am-staff pitbulls. but they ate everything I put in their dish . and being that all the scraps came from a federal funded kitchen it was strictly managed for food safety and proper nutrition. keep on doing what you're doing! your dog's look fit and happy! anyone who says otherwise is a f#cking POOFTAH…. who let's his or her dog lick peanut butter of their genitalia… hahaha have a great day! Aloha

minulunjki says:

Great vlog mate you nailed it. i feed my dogs the same. lost count of the vets that tell me my dogs are very healthy then in the same breath tell me i should only feed the dog food they stock…. come on dogs and cooked biscuits give me a break…

perros y mas PERROS says:

nice dogs congratulation

Brady ROACH says:

thats what i do for my dog i go shoot a rabbit for her evey day all possums and even pigs heads

John Fitt says:

most people just dont realize these arent just normal dogs. they are working dogs they have jobs and there diet reflects the jobs there trained and perform ! great videos buddy .

Scotty Dawg says:

good job clay ..one I would like to raise a pup of your pic bro..we treat our dogs the way it should be..all natural..great stuff.

Backyard Survival says:

Good quality love you
Vids and agree with you 100%

James Miller says:

Nice vid mate. Do u feed your dogs 1 egg daily ?

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