Free Juicing Recipes! The LIFESAVER Green Vegetable Juice

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I love juices smoothies and salads. Raw living foods will change your life. Get your energy high with juices like this. Peace.


Hellena Pavlis says:

Iv started changing my diet…stopped sugar,white salt,cows milk…and
started juicing along with healthier meals.. Iv noticed a big difference I
was in pain when I walked..stiff all the time ..depressed I could go on..
But I’m not depressed anymore and my life is still shitty but I’m able to
get up and do things to change it in stead of sitting there hopping it will
go away… I walk around with out pain ..and even though my past life
choices did me no favours..the one I’m making now really is… Look after
your own body coz no one else will.

Surfakingdom says:

This guy looks malnourished as fuck. I watched one of his other videos he
said he has muscles ahhaha yea sure not what i see. So skinny and anorexic
looking. This what happens when youre a vegan and missing out everything
you actually need. Why would you wanna look like this….

luceymajor says:

Beautiful body!

Sandia Sweetie says:

He is using a centrifugal force juicer. These juicers HEAT up the micro
nutrients rendering the juice almost worthless. One cup of carrot juice
from these juicers have 500mg of calcium. But juice that is cold pressed,
like the Norwalk renders 2700mg of calcium per cup of carrot juice. They
are more expensive but they are made of stainless steel, have a 12 year
warranty and actually do render juice that heals the body. Buy a Norwalk
people and forget all these other worthless juicers. I don’t know about
you, but my health is worth it.

Vanessa Ross Vegan Lifestyle says:

hot jesus looking dude making juices. subcribe: CHECK ! haha

rolybling says:

I juice 3 to 4 times a week. Ginger, celery, beet root, carrots, broccoli,
plus a couple of fruits like kiwi or persimmon or pineapple to sweeten a
bit. I’ve only been doing this for about 4 or 5 weeks now and my skin has
dramatically improved, my belly is getting flatter and I just feel way more
healthy all round with more energy and I seem less down or moody too which
I didn’t expect. I’m not saying it cures ANYTHING but it is pure logic that
it is healthy to add raw juice to your diet so just do it.

Michelle James says:

Maybe you r a little unorthodox but you sure make a lot of sense. Love your
sense of humor and approach to health issues we are facing today.

Candace Vaillette says:

Your pants are about to fall off!!

Vanessa Clavijo says:

This guy is funny!! Very very true, and it’s sad that people don’t pay
attention. Watch the Documentary on Netflix “forks over knives”. Doctor’s
don’t make money with healthy people. Our bodies were made for raw food.
The modern man created processed food and sugar. And with that we created
all this disease. Juicing is the best thing you can do for your body. Go
man!! xx

Mark Sorrells says:

Try drinking the green juice. You will be amazed at the change you
actually feel and experience.

RuudJH says:

Free recipes… why would anyone pay for recipes anyway? Pretty much all
veggie and fruit smoothie/juice recipes are good. The special health
benifits of specific ingredients are marginal. Compared to just leaving out
meat and cheese out of your diet for a while, it doesn’t really matter.
Just vary a lot and it’s fine.

pedrofsantos says:

ha ha I dunno about the cancer…but I’ll sure have a flipping diarrhoea
with all that juice!
Looks nice though. The bomb diarrhoea

John L. says:

Alright real question here. How long before you get use to the taste?

Gail M says:

Dan…you rock…been following you for a long time now (insiders
club)…you changed my life and for that…God Bless You. There will always
be cynics who will knock this…l feel sad for people who won’t give things
a try before they run them down. This works people, get your head out of
the sand and give it a go…even for a week and l defy you not to feel a
difference. Your body will thank you. Can’t count the number of times l
have shared this link to help people find what true living is all about.
Thank you again Dan…can’t say it enough ♥

Matt N says:

juicing is good but you’re throwing away all the fiber.

Xendora says:

I know & APPRECIATE that you have a message. Any chance we can get a
condensed version of your recipes?? Just sayin, I don’t always have that
much time. Would love a choice of one or the other.

Melinda Gordon says:

Proof is in the pudding! I know you’re right.

LisaMDita says:

You are saving my life!

wielluk says:

I like this guy. He has a decent grasp on the basics which is all you
really need. I can honestly say that organic raw foods have helped my
diagnosis of severe RA like no other drug could. I had an ALCAT test,
adjusted accordingly, and kissed the sky baby! Bottoms up.

roi patrick says:

good old dan vids :)

M says:

Love this guy. What an inspiration. Keep up the great work.☺ 

Melinda Gordon says:

If people weren’t looking for a cure they wouldn’t be checking you out.

Elijah Jared Garcia says:

Thank you for inspiring so many to live healthy. God bless you brother!

Gigi Ramos says:

Everything you are saying is right on point. Simple anatomy and
physiology, cell regeneration, oxidation, etc. etc. Thanks for teaching. I
hope to change my life.

Nicole Dawn says:

Re: cancer: “Nobody ever gets well, and everybody always dies!” C’mon man,
when you say stuff like that it makes you sound ignorant.

Meka Brusso says:

Dan, you’re hot! 

Geatriz T.M. says:

Just found your channel. Thank you for all the recipes. I bought a
nutribullet and have been looking for more ideas.

This is actually the first time in my life that I’m actually learning
anything about nutrition. It seems silly that at 24 years old, I’m learning
that berries are sour, each fruit and veggi has a season and that real food
can actually come from the produce section of the grocery store! Sad but
true. 🙂 Anyway, thank you.

jesus christ says:

you are amazing

Lauren McClellan says:

I think you need to be more gentle with your juicer. You dont need to press
that hard on the carrots and stuff. Itll go by itself, dont force it. 

Robson Zuccolotto says:

My inspiration!!!! 

greenogue10 says:

You are what we call the dogs bollox, In Ireland , that’s a compliment my
friend, keep up the juicing, 

quality333 says:

what kind of juicer does he use ?

Jay Serrao says:

You are a fucking legend. I’m going to write a song about you one day. 

Jesus Sandoval says:

wow you are awesome man!!! i wanna start a Juicing buisness all natural and
all organic if i can but i need some help and some tips to how to get
started but i’m in this 100% to help ppl, my mom has breast cancer and i’m
trying to figure out a way to help her but also dedicate my life to helping
others so a juicing buisness is what i want to do!!! thank you man!!LIFE!!!

Sundance3196 says:

Great vid Dan!

Lisa Quinones says:

Thank you hun… nice vid. Love your passion. 

Rick James says:

dan was G back in the day

Doreen Dotan says:

LOL! Fun guy.

Vanessa Clavijo says:

You don’t need “numbers” or “scientific facts”, you see it actually works
on your own body when you do it. No medicine will or diet pill will cure
you inside and out like fruits and vegetable alone. <3 <3 <3

HICarb LYFE says:

We all must learn the Art of JUICING!

Joe Nawabi says:

i like this guy!
i do
ginger roots
granny apple
and boy ole boy im pumped, 3 weeks now. my heartburn is gone and my energy
is skyrocketing. quit smoking and caffeine reduced by 50%
my sleep is better.

im trying this formula!

Oladapo Aloba King says:

Dan mate ignor the haters…..they are nothing but a bunch of Plonkers.
…doing a great job my good friend. …cheers geezer

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