Full Day Of Eating | Healthy Paleo Breakfast Bowl

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0:00 – 0:53 – Aluna George X Flume – I Remember (TWERL FLIP)
3:34 – 4:18 – Kuz & Ayar – Hit The City (feat. William Singe)

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JoJo Wallace says:

Great ideas. Luv your energy.

Ray Thomas says:

i love how you eat and i love to listen to you love to meet you, your so awesome.

Pinksupergrl95 says:

Drinking my waterwhile I watch 🍹Iz there a water bottle emoji?! I dont have one 😕 Im curious, how do you buy your pumpkin?? I havent seen any in my area unless you buy a whole pumpkin which I havent seen either.

Ashley Bonner says:

Hey everyone! You should check out my fitness headbands that are sweat absorbent and stylish!!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ColorbandCreative?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Afton Paige Welch says:

definitely actually paused and got my water bottle lol ALSO anyone know of a good US version of Tropeaka since we don't have it here??!!

Chezzarai says:

Great video! I love your personality! Subbed!

Cecilie says:

I'd loove if you made a playlist of songs in these videos!!!!! 😀

Gloria Heim says:

Where does she get the pumpkin? I've literally been to every grocery store in my area and can't find it

Sam Burciaga says:

whats wrong with fruit and nut mix :/

Bebby Nabila says:

what do you do for living?

Xime Mendez says:

Where did she bought her clothes? Love it ♥️

Patricia Scott says:

Hi Sarah i actually came across your channel because of your hair extensions video ( thinking about getting the clip ins :-/) and i have now watched a bunch of your other stuff! You are now officially one of my top inspirational/motivational video peeps so thanks for that! really enjoying what your putting out there so keep it up! Also.. saw your video on uni vs nutrition path and i say go the nutrition and follow your passion. Life's too short to be going down the wrong path. Do what makes you happy. once you make the decision a massive weight will be lifted off your shoulders! Cheers! Trish

12 23 says:

omg we have the same straws!!! FROM IKEA YAY

ajay60610 says:

Protein bread supplier please..thanks

Mary Lueck says:

You are my favorite youtuber! I love how funny you are:)

Shannon says:

hey! i've recently started the paleo diet and I am really loving it so far! your video was super helpful for me :)! subscribed!

Killua Zoldyck says:

What do you study at uni? Just out of curiousity :p

FeñaMusic says:

I absolutely love your body ❤️

Mike Gibson says:

Woahhh I paused at 4:25. Everything was still but your hand was moving back and forth very fast. Freaky

Chloe Mclean says:

you are hilarious!

Kristina Nik says:

Where can I get that water bottle?

Eikiala Owens says:

I've noticed you eat a lot of pumpkin. Is that a very common vegetable is Australia? People only tend to eat a lot of pumpkin here during the fall season

Sabrina Pradera says:

Where did she get that pink shirt?

Marian says:

I can't find pea protein where I live. what do you think about soy protein?

Valerie Ramirez says:

I've been paleo for a month and a half and I cant imagine going back!! it would be awesome if you did lots more recipe videos. maybe desserts or pancakes

lilwackyprincess says:

Would you not eat directly post workout??

Natasha Johnsen says:

Your hands look so fine girl 👌🏽 the rings. The nails 💕 is that nail polish or shellacsns?

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