“GANGSTA GREENS” juicing fruits and vegetables for bodybuilding (Big Brandon Carter)

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-Apples (no seeds / no stems)

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juicing fruits and vegetables for bodybuilding

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Emmanuel Fowler says:

brian had hair!

RichReads says:

Damn! Lol. When Brian had hair.

mason classified says:

peace brandon u on the right path just stay away from hybrid plants and fruits stick to the natural stuff what ever mother nature produces natural and u be even more of a beast '''''

Rodney Fuller says:

gotdam brian looks young asf holy shxt

Tap says:

rip blender motor.

Evil Gary says:

Kale is gangsta as shit.


ahahahahah, "hi im white boi brian, or just brian for those of you who arent brandon carter" lmao XD

Obake Tora says:

I try to juice 4 cups of broccoli and a green apple for flavor every night before bed. Broccolli has these things called indoles(?) which lower the amount of estrogen in your body.

Jose Capablanca says:

I lost 50 lb juicing in a short period, about 40 days. Juicing is amazing. Good Job guys!

Theyyellowtable !!! says:

Nah nope, Brian… Hair bro it's gotta go lol. He's one of the dudes who looks better without hair😂. #nohomo

hebince44 says:

You either eat the apple like Brandon Carter or you eat it like Luffy.

John Taylor says:

You don't have ro remove the seeds. If blending yes…but juicing no. It's fiber and will go into the pulp basket.

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