Green juice and Omega juicer 8006

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Here is a typical veggie drink I make on a daily basis. I juice at least 2 times a day in order to maximize the amount of vitamins and minerals I intake.



Moy Shmie says:

juicer review shirtless? you're a legend in your own mind

vanila001 says:

What Juice? What Juicer? WTF all I can see is your chest LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

pannellclara says:

I need to figure out how to use my new omega juicer! Instead I'll use this video to make my boyfriend a bit jeleous lol just for fun! By the way this was not informative at all! This guy is just showing off but he does have a nice bod!! 💋

NoShadeAllSmiles says:

That is a beautiful, tasty…. drink lol

Nina Harmony says:

Great video, love your calm demeanor.

Terry Moore says:

As long as you use that Microwave oven you will always be at your research, your government could care less about your food or your Heath, microwaves included!

Kevin Doyle says:

The right juicing can improve, enhance physical and non-physical abilities.

The Gooch says:

Why, Why, Why do some guys insist on doing videos with their shirts off, is it a complex thing, where they think people wont listen to what they have to say unless they look healthy?


u need a bigger juicer so u don't have to cut everything up so much

GS S says:

Put a shirt on man

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