Green Juice and The Benefits of Green Juicing

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Green juicing and the concept behind drinking green juice was originally introduced as a therapeutic treatment for chronic diseases as a way to cleanse and remineralize the body.
It is essentially a process that creates a concentrated nutrient-rich juice from fruits and vegetables that is low in sugar and high in chlorophyll content. Today, green juice is quickly becoming a staple morning drink among health conscious people all over the world as many are transforming their health and noticing a positive influence on overall mood and energy levels.


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futureworks6116 says:

awesome, I'm on day 6, will start cutting out the fruit in a week or so. This video was extremely helpful,,,,
I am really hungry tonight for some reason…lord help me I'm not going into kitchen

Digital MJ says:

Juicing is for ppl that money is an not issues for them!!
Blending is for ppl withl who are on a money budget!

Buddi Baba says:

was very sick and without going into the gory details, I had a choice of either being in so much pain that it was difficult to even sleep or just not eat so that my lower intestines were always pretty much vacant. As you may surmise it was bowel problems. So I had the choice to either eat and be in pain almost all the time & not sleep as well or just constantly fast. I chose the ladder for about three months but one cannot go without eating for too long so something needed to happen. So I talked to a friend (Mark Doneddu) and I said "I need to do something quick or else I'll just waste away." After explaining what the problem was, he said, "That's simple just drink a lot of freshly squeezed or compressed organic chlorophyll." I wasted no time I purchased a vegetable juice/compressor and started drinking (about one or two cups) a combination of organic; spinach, coriander, chard, celery, carrot and kale leaves every day. On day three I noticed an improvement and on day ten I was completely healed, so much so that when I went in for a colonoscopy they could not find any problems. I need to add that during the three month period that I was basically either in pain, fasting &/or both everything the 'doctors' gave me did not work or in fact made the situation worse.

Matt N says:

do not swish juice around in your mouth to help digestions via saliva. you'll rot your teeth. this is a stupid bit of advice.

Diane Corriette (Phoinix) says:

Really useful video on the power of green vegetable juicing.

Ayesha Siddiqa says:

great help!!!

cristobal solari says:

i will try…thanks for sharing!!!!

Ali Raza says:

V ery nice!

Doogie Spence says:

Gotta get dose greens 

Daniel Borg says:

Nice video, but… move your mouse dude!

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