Grocery Haul | What I Eat In A Week | Paleo, Gluten Free + Dairy Free

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teja pešl says:

I saw that you don't eat dairy products because of bloating, have you tried lactose free products? is it the same or is it any better? otherwise it is nice wathcing you ☺ i just found you few days ago and watched almost all videos.. greetings from Slovenia ☺

Lisa Toombs says:

I love when she talks about 'americans' and what they say and eat it makes me feel so exotic lol 😂

Bree Mecham says:

I'm so close to graduating nursing school and get my own place and I'm SO excited to stock my house with this type of food and be able to afford this lifestyle! I've learned so much from Sarah Day! Thanks girl, super motivating!

Jessi M says:

Do you not worry about mercury in fish since you eat a lot of fish? I don't worry about it haha but wanted your opinion 🙂 thanks!

visualcorner says:

I binge on your videos 🙂 love u

Zia Elico says:

I love your vidoes Sarah! i love you omg slay girl

vanessa jerolamon says:

Fish with high selenium levels cancel the mercury. I forget the science but you can look it up. Marksdailyapple talks about it.

Rola57 says:

Thank you so much for your videos !!!!! It's so helpfull <3

Anastasiya Khorosheva says:

Hey Sarah! First I found ur Chanel and I am so happy about that I love it 🙂 but I am just wondering why u don't eat quinoa and buckwheat? And no meant and chicken? Is there any causes?

Laura Barth says:

This whole pumpkin-thing is bringing up question I never had before. 😀 So I work at a health food store, and (at least where I live) there is pumpkin the plant und butternut, Hokkaido, Muscat and spaghetti etc are simply the varieties. Like there are hundreds of varieties of potatoes…

Marcela Galatti says:

THE PUMPKIN IS NOT A VEGETABLE! 🙂 As neither is the tomato. Just saying, cause you probably mistake that too.

Taylor Renee says:

good thing they packaged the bananas, if only bananas had some sort of natural, peelable packaging already

Juliette Pabst says:

Hey Sarah 🙂 Nice video! What do you think about potatoes/sweet potatoes? Do you eat them? Are they paleo? Thanks, love you xo!!

Angelica Rimondi says:

Could you pleae make a video of your spaghetti squash?

Love you and your videos! 😀

D Farah says:

You always talk about your fruit and nut mix that you love. Can you do a video where you take us through how you make it?!

babsiewapsie says:

Hi Sarah!!! Dont know if you are familiar with Nutritional Yeast? Gives everything a cheezy flavor. Used in vegan / raw cuisine… i make this cashew nuts, nutritional yeast black pepper cacio y pepe sauce, add that to spagetti squash… insane!!!!!!!! Youll find the recipe, if curious, on my insta profile lespetitespestes. Its sooooo goood!!!! Xo

TheMAMAB123 says:

Lyric Rochester sent me… Super excited to be following you!

Health Food Project says:

Hiii! We love your channel, especially the food vlogs! Not sure how careful you are with milk/gluten, but the greenness tuna contains traces of both! x

Sophie Leatherbarrow says:

Would love to see what you created with the squash 🙂 I saw it the other day at the shop but wasn't too sure what to do!

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