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So the other video was put up as something fun when my friend was drunk. After numerous questions and comments we decided to make a serious version of the eating raw meat video. We do eat raw meat and find it taste very well. Make sure you buy your meat from a good butcher and prepare it right. We have never gotten sick from eating raw steaks. Here we are eating a raw streak, with cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados.


Sweet Natural Living says:

The fact that meat, or any unnatural food, needs to be seasoned to be tasty
proves the fact that we are not meat eaters by nature. If we were, we would
eat meat raw with keen relish! Same goes for grains, roots and many other
foods. Humans are frugivores by physiology and anatomy. Even though we have
been eating meat for some time and it is part of our culture, it is
certainly not part of our natural diet. Fruits are the perfect food for us,
and it is the only food that is tasty by itself as is, edible without
preparation and carries a full compliment of nutrients in perfect balance
for us humans. 

xPNova says:

So you only cook legumes and other foods like that?

xPNova says:

Is it cold when you eat it? or do you leave it out to warm up?

My Name is Not says:

it’s healthy to eat raw meat once in a while, maybe twice in one year.
Japanese live long, they eat tons of raw food such as fish (sahimi, sushi),
raw beef, raw chicken breast, raw egg, raw vegie.

AQWTenzo says:

Raw meat yes but are stomach can break down the food but it can’t kill the
bacteria that is in meat which is e coli and gardia

Denise Byrd says:

I get sick when I eat cooked vegetables, but I’m fine when I eat them raw.
I also get sick when I eat cooked eggs, chicken, and tilapia, but I never
thought about trying them raw. To be honest, I don’t think it’s a good
idea, especially after I accidentally got salmonella one time from eating
egg drop soup.

XxkibaluluxX says:

This strangely made me hungry

Natthix says:

I can’t even stand the thought of eating cooked meat, let alone raw flesh
from a corpse..

KatiushaVN4 says:

I bet he got diarrhea after that.

Hai Vuong says:

I like my meat right after I stab the cow with my Excalibur.

nathan rogers says:

Their could be tape worm eggs in that

BlasianMane says:

wonder how many round, tape, ect worms are swimming in his intestines

George Mantzaris says:

Oh my god

coolguy701 says:

This meat is clean and is ok to eat but check out Derek nance. He eats raw
meat with flies and everything! Brian’s blood and rancid egg!

KaideeDream says:

It’s basically like sashimi.

BluntHeart says:

Why do you use a cutting board on your cutting board?

Pickle Joe says:

Fucking disgusting… WOOF WOOF

NebulaProduction says:

I wish I was a lion or tiger or bear…so I can eat raw meat for the rest
of my life.

joe eyes says:

you’re going to fucking die if you keep this up bruh!

wolfsrule100 says:

It looks yummy actually…but im never eating raw meat

dsteward85 says:

Bear Grylls approved of this.

rkem1000 says:


phuong uyen says:

no raw meat for me…but you eat raw meat at least you prepare it with
veggies and wine.. 

Roy Mustang says:

That actually looks really good and I fucking hate raw food 

WayUpThereFarAway says:

hmmm damn, you gave me a taste for raw meat bro… haha try lightly coating
the meat with some olive oil and fine herbs, really good stuff. keeping it
varied makes things interesting. Raw meat and avocado is already killer
enough for me.

Tiz Toxic says:


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