How I lost 18 pounds in 10 Days – Master Cleanse

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I Lost 18 pounds in 10 days doing the Master Cleanse. I did the cleanse to put me on a healthy path towards weight loss. This Cleanse did wonders for me and I hope it does the same for you.


Tanya Tappa says:

thanks for this video Lily, really appreciate your honesty. great video. my
questions are”can i use limes instead of lemon?” (i live in Jamaica Lemons
are hard to find in local supermarkets) also “what sort of laxatives?”

Kate Ishaku says:

AWESOME video, you did amazing and would definitely do this. Very

Tresta Richardson says:

I’m on day six and I already see and feel thr results! I feel great! Thank
you for the share, this video really encouraged me to go on, thank you!

Wanda Perry says:

I’ve done the Master Cleanse before and had good results, but started
slacking off with my regular diet and exercise. This time around I’m doing
it for health as well as weight loss reasons. I actually found The Master
Cleanse Powder at the Vitamine Shoppe in my city. It helps to cut down on
preparation time, which I dont have time to juice those lemons for every
drink. I’m on day 8 and down 14 lbs so far so I’m pleased with that. Loved
how you broke down all the phases. I forgot how to do the ease out part so
thank you for that. Note:Ease out phase is critical for returning to solid
foods. If not done properly, you will experience some constipation,
cramping because you will be shocking the body that has been on pretty much
a liquid diet. The acid in the orange juice prepares your digestive system
prior to returning to a regular diet.

tuutts39 says:


I’m on day, so far I feel WONDERFUL.

I’d intended to do 5 days, but thought I’d shoot for 10. When I get to 10
days, I’ll see IF I can get to 14.

And IF that goes well, I’ll try for 20!

So in other words ……. I’m taking it one day/step at a time.

So far I’ve lost 7 lbs. I haven’t been as precise about drinking 8+ 8oz of
the lemonade, nor have I done the salt water flushes daily.

Even though the SW flush is a FATE WORSE THAN DEATH, I will start doing it

You look wonderful, and you’re a natural at instructing and motivating

Thank You 😀

Michael Thomson says:

An excellent video – doing research and yours is by far the best I’ve seen.
Great that you included recommendation that folks check in with their
doctor 😉 good luck with the journey, awesome work. Thank you ;)

eceyalcin1 says:

great video!! thank you. I was wondering about what you did after you
finished the diet like how did you go back to a normal eating schedule .
what did you do the first days and did you gain weight back immediately
after you stopped drinking the lemon juice. thanks :)

Irene Musawale says:

definitely going to share your video with friends to want to get rid of a
few pounds…very informative congrats ubarikiwe tena sana

flowerLA08 says:

You did a Job on the video

Sharita Barnwell says:

I am on day 3 and I have already lost 4.9 pounds. I used grade A also
because grade B is no longer sold where I live.

Pauline Gikonyo says:

Thanks for that,really helpful , one question though, is that all you take
all day and no food for the 10 days? 

caroline mwikali says:

Hey thank you very much for that clip so informative I will definitely try
God bless you

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