How I Lost Weight: Lost 70 pounds on Master Cleanse (Liquid Diet)

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It’s finally here ! My results of just doing The Master Cleanse ( no food, liquid lemonade diet)


Master Cleanse Challenge for 2017 !

This is the recap of this Master Cleanse Journey of Challenge (I should say) and I am super excited to share with you guys this journey of mine.

The Master Cleanse may not be suitable for everyone, so take precaution!

Thanks for watching! Be safe!
Ended the Master Cleanse at 42 days on Phase 2. Couldn’t go any further as my body was giving signs to stop.

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Cristina Moe says:

50 days!?! Holy Moley! You look amazing!!!! I'm on day 9 and going for 25 days (have an event so need to stop). I've never done more then 10 but it's true when you really want it you can hyper focus and make it happen! The first week flew by! Question: did you work out at all during your 50 day cleanse? Thanks for posting this. I watch it every time I feel like caving into food cravings and it puts me right back on track 🙂

Happy Peacock says:

So did u do 50 days straight then off and 10 days and off then another 10? How was ur mind? Were u able to think clearly

Pamela L. Ables says:

Thank you for sharing, you have definitely inspired me! ive done the master cleanse in the past. Longest time was 10 days….Ive been wanting to do another one and watching you and your self control is very inspiring. Thank you

Biracial_bella says:

I am starting this today. I hope to have great results like you. Thanks for sharing

ReelFilms by Nat says:

You look great!

RiveraLife says:

Congrats! Hubby and I are on day 5. Thanks for sharing.

nathalie makoma Let's talk Freely says:

u really inspired me u look stunning i will start tomorrow gave birth 9 months ago gained alot of weight and want to loose 25kg i hope i will make it wish me goodluck

malikastone says:

This is incredible! I really admire your determination. You've truly inspired me. Great job sis!

LivingPink08 says:

WoooHoooo!!! Amazing Job! You're definitely super woman! #HappyMothersDay <3

Angela M says:

What's your plan to maintain the weight loss?

Jessica Lima Pires says:

wow amazing, you changed you entier body. What do you do against tiredness. After 10 day I get so tired, like I am dying slowly and then I have to eat something to get energy again.

NCS Sounds says:

Hey, great stuff!

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