How The Paleo Diet Causes Accelerated Aging. Shocking Before and Afters!

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Thinking of trying the paleo diet? Think again. In these shocking before and after photos, you can see that meat eaters age far more rapidly than vegans. Before and afters don’t lie, paleo is not anti aging, it causes accelerated aging and organ failure. See how Mark Sisson and David Getoff along with Natasha McBride and Art Devany are aging so much faster than vegans of the same age like Lou Corona, Annette Larkins and Karen Calabrese. It’s scary! Not if you go vegan of course 😉

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reney lizotte says:

LOL! No comparison – thanks, for the video!

Flash Man says:

But but Aajonus Vonderplanitz wants us to eat shit, drink piss and avoid water to cure all cancer….​

YourAngel says:

Take a look at Luis Villasenor, Stéphanie Keto Person, and Primal Health Edge. They all looks really Young, compared to the real age they have.

Salim Brim says:

Says it sat in his basement.

22thomas22 says:

love it, brother

Cookedaburra d says:

FUCK HAHAHA dude omfg you are amazing

the anemic, problematic vegan says:

how does the guy attack grey hair when his own hair is receding AF?

Mr Snarks says:

You can't stop making these videos. Seriously. If you stop,
svthreeridge will end up eating live human babies. You don't want that
on your conscience. You just don't. Really.

Dougy doug says:

11:44 yo wtf man. I pissed my pants laughing when he started laughing. And this guy is on a next level of idiocracy.

Dougy doug says:

Wow green plants are so bad for ya! yesterday i eat a very big portion of green plants after not eating them for about a week. And guess what? Today i had WAY more energy than other day's in the week. Without meat. WOW… NOT GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN!! ITS SO BAD -_-

Inga Spirit says:

You are sooo funny in this video. I was cracking out laughing! 😂
And i agree with the veganism idea totally!

Learned Freedom says:

Dude for further evidence look at RohVeganAmLimit!! He's a German sprout-based bodybuilder and studies biochemistry… and does it because science says so (HA! UnnaturalVeg…gieburger)!

Malto says:

Cant believe any human would belive sv3rige just look at his hairline and it explains all

Anton G says:

I totally agree with you and my proof is my self as I've started to eat vegan thanks to you and feeling great. cheers mate .regards ,Anton from Australia.

iridium56 says:

Where did you get that fake news headline at 6:25?

Nobody says:

when I went vegan, my dentist said my plaque had practically disappeared.

Elsje Massyn says:

Ha ha you are hilarious and had me laughing not because what you said is not true but because you have debunked and exposed the anti-vegan liar(s) out there.  Thanks for the video I will be sharing it will ALL my friends and family!!

Palien Vasion says:

ethical veganism is part of a fucked up agenda. going raw is the only way.

GRIMES says:

sv3rige isn't even on a paleo diet. You would know that if you watched more than one of his videos.

Sigrid Meeresfischlein says:

omg another masterpiece

Sigrid Meeresfischlein says:

4.21 omg lol

Jamie davis says:

I like your videos but something doesn't jive right with this video. Both Freelee and especially Durian rider appear to have aged more than the average bear. I still think the whole food vegan diet is the best diet but some of your examples are not the best to prove the validity of a whole plant food diet for anti aging. I think there might be negative affects of eating too much fruits and not being balanced. Love you channel and keep up the good work.

Arturo Sanchez says:

I'm sure you realize they are actively suppressing knowledge that would help the masses to awaken. It's game over for them.

chad metzger says:

VP is a funny dude, I still love bacon though.

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