How to Do a 3-Day Juice Cleanse!

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How to do a 3-Day Juice Cleanse! Have you ever thought about doing a juice cleanse? Here are my secrets and tips on how to effectively do a rainbow juice cleanse so that you can get the results that you desire! FullyRaw, freshly pressed, organic, delicious…juice! If you’re in Texas, stop by or

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Veronica Incer says:

I was about to order the three day juice cleanse from your website but no deliveries to Miami?! I'm heartbroken ☹️ When will you make it happen over here?

Jackie Nguyen says:

Whys her face all red like that?

Irinuţa Albu says:

can you come to Moldavia?

Alex Yursha says:

Hi Kristina! Thanks for this video, it is really helpful. Did you do your daily 6-12 mile runs while you're cleansing? I'm just curious if you have a habit of running every day, should you break it for 3-day juice cleanse? Thank you again.

Kaela Bronan says:

The day you sell these juices in stores across the country I will be a damn happy girl.

joshjames76 says:

You want to do a fast. Well do one. Take 2 or three days and only drink water. Same results. I have been juicing since the 80's. But you can clenz your body doing a water fast.

Anna says:

why is her face so red?

amelia d. watkins says:

How long does a fully raw juice last in the fridge? How long in the freezer?

Amaranth Elk says:

is this something I could sustainably do for 30 days?

Veganidas says:

woman is straight BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sylvia Cabello says:

Just wondering if you are going to offer shipping outside Houston……say, like to San Antonio and surrounding areas? They look so good. I'm tempted to take a vacay to Houston just to buy some. (haha)

Layne Fable says:

Just did a juice cleanse — but only for two days. I'm wishing I did it for 3 days!

Christina Kuhn says:

well, I would love to eat this way, with so many fruits and veggies, but I can't afford that. I am in Indiana, and fruit is very expensive at different times of the year. Crazy expensive!

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