How to feed a Prey Model Raw diet affordably and easily

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After feeding my dogs a balanced diet for almost two years I have found an easier way to do it. I hope you can take a bit of what I am doing and make it your own. I was wrong on the number of days this prep would last. It is more like 5-6 days.
I also did not touch on suppliments. I feed Spirulina and coconut oil as life allows. Please if you have questions let me know.


Stormy Mist says:

can you help me with some numbers I have a female mixed breed dog about 16 pounds low energy and I want to do BARF thank you

Shelli Woodward says:

Can you help me do the math break down for my dogs? I have amale lab 70lbs, a female lab and male pittie both 60 lbs, my female is my highest energy dog of the 3 and my pittie is my lowest energy dog and Gavin falls in the middle of these two. I was feeding all 3 2 cups of kibble per day split between two meal. I just started the raw food diet and just about have them weaned and ready to go full steam ahead I plan to maintain the two cups a day and adjust from there if needed. I want to make sure i get the ratios correct for them.

Jennifer Lzr says:

Good to see another video! I'm still getting ready for my puppy! 3 weeks to go!


Great video

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