How To: Lose Weight Fast With Detox Water Diet

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hi luvs a lot of y’all requested for me to do a video on the pic i posted on instagram regarding detox diet.. I decided to do this detox diet for three days in order to flush out my system and have a fresh start to a healthy lifestyle. During the next three days I will drink only the detox water and eat only fruits and vegetables. i will be back with an update

Lemons/Limes: Stimulate & regulate the digestive track also helpful for,heartburn, gas or constipation
Cucumber: Excellent re-hydration and also contains anti inflammatory properties.
Strawberries: Great way to add flavor while also providing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to your body. Watermelon is also great
Green/Red Apples: Can cause weight loss, reduce blood pressure,and reduce cholesterol.
Mint Leaves: Can help digest more effectively, improving the flow of bile. Mints also help relax stomach cramps!

3 quarts of water
1 lemon
1 lime
1/2 cucumber
8 strawberries
13 green sliced apples
10 red sliced apples
15 mint leaves

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