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oh and by the way, drinking the beet juice will make your pee & poop red LOL so don’t be alarmed 🙂

This juice recipe is fast and tastes great! With only a few raw ingredients:

What I like to call the ABC’s of great juice!

Beets (use the tops!!)

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SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ says:

Be sure to place beet, carrot, apple in the freezer for about 3 hours. You don't want to freeze. However you want them icy cold! The high speed heat from juicers kills most of the good stuff. Some add ice when they are juicing. I find the freezer, the easy way to keep it cool.

Sudeshna Biswas says:

nice video ..plz bataiye ye juice ko 1or 2 din tak ka store karsakte hai…?

David Gomez says:

try adding some lemon and ginger to that mix taste really good.

Calvin C says:

do you have any recipes for garlic or can I toss in garlic too to lower my bp more with the beets will it taste good with garlic? Im new to juicing and getting my juicer tomorrow.

Viccy Que says:

I thought I was about to hear someone rapping with that intro lol

Carol Ricasio says:

Love the music! Very uplifting.

Healthy At 60 Plus says:

Nice job. I like to run the juice thru a strainer as my last step. Much smoother juice and quicker acting.

Aviatorspot says:

Looks good! Why you didnt remove the apple core first? The apple seeds are toxic and poisonous, be careful!

Judy Gabriel says:

How many carrots, apples and beets?

miester rhovanion says:

those apple seeds contain strychnine which will build up in your organs….cut out the seeds.and you should peel the beets…never know what could be on them.

GOOGLE says:

is it  good  or bad for diabetic patient.

Muk ea Lee ja. says:

Does looks good I have try it. Some time 😊

Govind Shekhawat says:

this is what i call "food porn"
great job man!

Jeanine Herbert says:

??? Can i add ginger, great video tho😝

east8lillies says:

did you use this recipe yourself to lower hypertension? if so, how quickly did it take for you to lower it?

WrapWithVic 40 says:

The only thing wrong with this is that the skin of the apples or gone! Thats the best part!!

Arthur Brown says:

what kind of juicer is that?

Dead Planet says:

Why do you peel your apples? Get organic without the wax. The most vital nutrition is in the peel!!!

Johnny Most says:

how many times do i have to drink

Supradrew™ says:

That looks really good. I borrowed a juicer from my GF for a while but she took it back because I never used it, lol. Now I wish I still had it. lol ttyl -Drew

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