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Juicing is a great step to attaining a healthful and energetic lifestyle. In this video, Joe Cross from Reboot Your Life shows us a healthy mean green juice made using the Breville Dual-Disc Juice Extractor.

An easy-to-operate juicing machine makes liquefying raw vegetables and fruits easier. This Breville juice extractor is a great kitchen appliance with an extremely powerful motor with five speeds that ensures maximum yield. Joe starts juicing by putting in celery, cucumber, lemon, green apples, kale, ginger and spinach inside the juicing machine. He allows the mixture to blend completely in the machine and stirs the wonderful juice that he likes to call “The Mean Green Juice”. Pour the green juice into a glass and drink up!

The Breville juice extractor features a separate container that collects the fiber from the vegetables and fruits used for juicing. You can use this residual fiber collected by your juicing machine as compost for your garden.

Use the Breville juice extractor to experiment with more nutritious and revitalizing recipes. This user-friendly juicing machine is a perfect way of detoxifying your body with fresh, healthy juices. So get juicing!

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a1orski says:

You can try re-juicing the pulp but it's hardly worth the few extra drops.What I do is add the pulp to my soup stock.Or make tea.I know the heat destroys a lot of the nutrients but hey,it's better than a soda pop.And no waste!

Armorcrew99 says:

Great guy, but for some reason hes down on blending. Studies show that juicing, removes most all of those "cancer fighting" ingredients that are found inside the cell membranes of the fruits and veggies. One of the test showed a blended fruit held 7-10 times as much nutrition as the juiced version. Both are great, dont get me wrong but you should not use only one method.

Kialyn Ellis says:

I love my little magic bullet… that way I drink everything….

FRMOutsideSpace says:

Can you really do a 60 day juice fast just drinking that…like no actual food consumption other than the juice itself?

Summer Lizz says:

how much juice should you drink a day?

Sherry Foika says:

We need another movie Joe , update and inspire us agian .

Maysa Omoor says:

I got juicer need to ask how many times daily should i drink juice, can i take seeds as well , gonna start tomorrow for 60 days.

dotunn says:

lol, that machine disintegrates for sure

huma jana says:

What if don't have alo vera product??

Chesca Rodriguez C, says:

Guys,can I drink this at night?

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