How to Make RAW CAT FOOD (RECIPE) – Homemade Cat Food for Healthy Cats

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FULL RECIPE including ingredients and instructions here:

If you want your feline furry baby to be one of the healthiest, handsomest cats in the world – and one who doesn’t struggle with the all too common bladder or kidney issues – I highly suggest transitioning him or her to a raw meat diet. This food does take some work to prepare, but it will also save you a LOT of money in the long run (on food AND vet bills)!

IMPORTANT TIP: It is best to use organic, pastured egg yolks and non-commercial, non-supermarket brand livers (Murray’s brand works great). If cost isn’t much of an issue, go all out and get organic chicken thighs, too! Animals can tell the quality of what you feed them and I learned that any time I used commercial eggs or supermarket chicken livers, my cat would barely eat his food. But with high quality of both (and FRESH ground meat) he devours it. I only go for the pricier organic thighs when I travel and someone else has to feed him while I’m away, as it best ensures he will eat his food. Yep, picky AND spoiled.

ALSO note that a cat will rarely start eating this way from the get-go. It requires transitioning. First, from dry to wet food. Then by adding small ratios of raw food to the wet food until you reach a full transition… which could take weeks to months. I strongly suggest checking out for tons of info regarding all of this.

Full recipe, measurements, instructions:

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SiobhansBookCorner says:

how is it stored? do you freeze it? how much do you feed each cat? im thinking if changing mine to a raw food diet

Rama says:

Why does she look like the matured version of Emma from kitties mama

meme may says:

Our breeder wanted us to feed our cat raw meat and bones. I havent done it because when i first read it i thought it was strange…. Something about raw food scares me. I worry about bacteria and such, even though i know cats normally would have a raw meat diet in the wild, it just feels odd.

Glass Marvels says:

this is AWESOME!!!! I feed this diet of a kitten who lives in my colony…But how do I switch my 11 year old cat to this diet?

Agnes Lim says:

Thank you for your video on Raw Food preparation.

Does it help if i add the same vitamins to canned food for my cats; one cat is diabetic, one wheezes, and two have discharge in the eyes.

MYSTUFF3 says:

I'm not sure why ya have to add all that other stuff, oil, powders etc. When a cat hunts, they don't stop and add all that-lol. So why can't we just feed out cats all raw meat diet, like whole fish, whole chicken, whole liver, heart and sardines with bones? Please and thank you. *Wink

Jean Morell says:

Nice of you to do that for your cat but I cook all my nongrain foods my 4 cats get hills cd they do well on that I feel to tired and paranoid to do raw food you look well maybe you should check out Dr. Davis he is the best he helps everybody learn about the nongrain diet

Tammy Z says:

Please, please, ask your vet before following this recipe. Eggs, salt, and few other ingredients are a no no for cats.

Lyda Mazur says:

How much (and how often) do you feed this to your cat?

Liane Lanzoni says:

I saw you buying chicken liver and hearts, but didn't see you including them in your recipe. Why?

Gung Ho says:

I started feeding this diet years ago to reverse diabetes in one of my cats. Grain free foods weren't so common back then, and even so, the dry grain-free products didn't seem to work. I bought my own electric meat grinder for it.

Luvanon says:

And thanks so much for showing us how to get our own ingredients – it looks awesome. This poor cat of mine was a hefty 24 lb gigantic Maine Coon that's slowly lost muscle and weight. I been through so much the past couple of years to keep him going. He goes down to 15 lbs when the virus becomes active and spend $$$ at the Vet getting subcutaneous IV, anti-nausea meds – you name it. Spent over $750 just last summer. I know the enzymes are key.

Luvanon says:

I cannot thank you enough for posting this video! My cat is currently dealing with yet, another feline herpes out-break – he's miserable and I'm stressed. I am doing everything I can to keep him eating and hydrated. I just bought him Dr. Goodpet Feline enzymes (since he's on commercial food, and of course Lysine w/Vit. C). But — I want to transition him to raw. I live in Florida, so I'll figure out how to get the butcher to cut the meat when I start the transition to raw. You are very kind… THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

That Dude says:

It's weird for Dogs a cats because Dogs don't have the bones in when making a raw diet but for cats you have to have bones inside because it's natural for them to hunt and eat the meat and bones all together

akashi x says:

ur kitty is so cute lmaoo

TheOddGurl 5000 says:

Gotta make this.

drawingmaster says:

this seems expensive

Karl Ruehs says:

Karl Tip: Take one or two B-100 vitamins and you'll take off like a rocket ship fueled on Red Bull!!!!!!! 😸

Karl Ruehs says:

A Karl tip: Keep everything ice cold, except the egg yolks & supplements. Meat, bones, water, dishes, containers, blender or grinder head- all ICE COLD! ❄️The final product will stay fresh longer!!! 😸

Karl Ruehs says:

You could mix that in 5 seconds with a grout mixing paddle on an 18V drill on low speed! 😸

regina kennedy says:

this has probably already been answered, but what about worms and parasites? I finally, 5 hours later, finished my first batch of raw food, and it sure was a pain! the hardest part was de-boning the chicken, and then making multiple small batches. I had a hard time with sinew/muscle in the chicken getting wrapped around the blade of the Vitamix. next time, I am definitely going to the butcher! my little baby has been starving all day, and is now devouring his food. I weighed 4 oz, but he's probably only eaten one. he is about 10 weeks old now…

ifunanya24 says:

Wow those prices! We're really getting ripped off in England.

Mary Kelly says:

Wow! I had no idea my Vitamix could do to chicken bones what you demonstrated in this video. I wouldn't have even thought of trying it. I've been using food grade bone meal in their raw food. Thanks for that.

Solange Bolger says:

How much do you serve them?

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