How to Start a Raw Food Diet!

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Want to start a raw food diet? Now is the time! Here are 10 easy ways that you can start succeeding in living a FullyRaw lifestyle!

Living raw is not about eating a “diet,” it’s about living a healthy LIFESTYLE. It’s about thriving, allowing your foods to nourish your body and send your soul soaring! There are many ways to eat a raw foods diet. Ironically, some of these ways are not healthy at all. Eating FullyRaw focuses on thriving via a low fat raw vegan lifestyle (80/10/10), which emphasizes consuming more fruits and greens than gourmet prepared dishes with nuts or seeds. My diet consists primarily of fruits and greens, which are the most nutrient dense foods. These foods have brought me absolute health, and I want to share my healthy lifestyle with you!

10 Easy Steps to Start Eating a Raw Food Diet:

1. Stock up on Fruits! (Throw out ALL junk and make SURE that you have enough in your house to last you at least a week!)
2. Make your first meal of the day a juice or smoothie. (32-64 oz) Try my Holy Grale, V8 Juice, or Orange Spinach Basil Smoothie! YUM!
3. Make your second meal a huge platter of fruit! Eat all the fruit that you care for and preferably mono-meal. This is the easiest on digestion. Examples of a fruit meal are bananas (7-15), oranges (10-15), pears (8-10), grapes (whole 2 lb bag), apples (7-10), persimmons (10), etc. Gravitate towards sweeter fruits because these have a higher calorie ratio per unit of volume. If you are worried about not being able to eat as much as you need, remember that your stomach is a muscle and that it can expand AND contract when “exercised” properly. Yes, you can eat more expensive fruits (berries, cherries, etc)– it’s personal and monetary preference!
4. For your dinner, eat a small plate of fruit and a large salad! Start with juicy fruits like citrus (5-6 pieces) and end with a GIANT Rainbow Salad. Consume about 1-2 heads of leafy greens if you can. Try my Epic Raw Marinara as a dressing and add whatever veggie toppings you want! Make it colorful and filled with life!
5. Educate yourself! Check out the FAQ page at
6. Exercise! Get at least 20 minutes to an hour a day at least!
7. Find a community with whom you can share this blessing! Join a co-op like or find a potluck near your via meetup sites like You can also post to find others on my facebook page at You’re not in this alone, and when you have community, you will feel like you have a support team around you all the time! It’s much more fun to have friends with common interests! 🙂
8. Get rest! Sleep! you need recovery time!
9. Eat enough… cronometer until you get used to how much your body needs
10. Be gentle with yourself! Love yourself!

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Sin Bear says:

Food stamps only gives us 400 bucks for 4 people so how can I make this
work with $100?

Najma Hassan says:

i started this raw diet last week….my friends are not supportive or
understanding, they judge me openly…today they actually tempted me with a
big mac (beef). The worst part of the day is that i actually ate it!!! i
feel like i’ve been set miles back… i feel like crap :(

Roblox Prankster says:

i have two questions and please answer this. Number 1: I am 11 year’s old
so can i start this raw food diet so like can 11 year old’s do this diet.
Number 2: Is banana too really healthy?

Jill Merriweather says:

love you channel…. starting a raw lifestyle next week…. thanks for all
the tips on your channel… 

Jake Brittain says:

Great info!! Thank you!!

smegel limes says:

Not to judge but this diet isn’t the best for the body you need other
things in the body other than fruits and vegetables also it’s a pretty
expensive way to live considering that this diet only had naturally grown
vegetables (which are pretty expensive unless they are like GMO which
aren’t good for the body period) you can live the way though just saying.

Tanya Jory says:

Thank you! Subscribed and found ya on Facebook. Looking forward to starting
2015 off Raw!

MySamarianna J says:

I’m so glad your doing this channel! Just this video in itself was really
helpful and motivating. Thank you so much for doing this channel and
showing us your diet!! It’s really helpful & it’s motivating me! Thanks!

Pamela Schmidlin says:

Restorative LIFESTYLE!

dobcsek says:

I’m glad she’s doing this channel because I’m getting a few ideas,
especially when it comes to juices and smoothies. I’m eating about 70% raw,
however I like to have some chicken, prawns or salmon in my salad about 2
or 3 times a week. And to be honest (folks in Britain will understand
this), sometimes at the end of the week all you want is go to the pub with
your friends and have a few glasses of wine with a burger. I think it’s all
about balance, I know I couldn’t do it 100% (that would be a social
suicide), but it’s good to eat clean during a “normal” week. 

sarah j. says:

I appreciate your genuine passion, but I can eat only fruits & vegetables
on this diet?

Aizel De Torres says:

Your soul is so beautiful you inspire me so much. Please keep sharing your
videos and recipes 🙂 

Onochulaties decoteau says:


Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations says:

I’ve been a subscriber to Krisina’s for years. She has great energy, and
always good tips.I juice for people who have various stages of cancer, find
health and healing in the divine raw nutrients. I know the benefits of
juicing and have juiced for years and for thousands of people. People are
sick bc the body is acidic from consuming processed cooked foods, these
foods do not contain live enzymes, and sugar consumption also feeds yeast
which creates a candida effect within the body. This suppresses the immune
system and makes one feel lethargic. When you juice and break the cell wall
open on all the glorious fruits and veggies you extract the nutrients in
the live form, and these enzymes go right to work in the body. Anyway, I am
blabbing. Check my channel out if you want juice tips. I just did a video
on the Celeriac and how it literally BURNS FAT, and I am not making that
up. Also I did one on the glorious benefits of Frankincense as well. Hope
all you guys have a great day. I love raw foods! Peace…

Lola Verhoeven says:

why is your hair straight in your latest videos? Do you straighten it?

Qiu Lei says:


Kellys Andreína Rodríguez Rodríguez says:

I loved your video! Thanks for doing this and putting so much love and
sweetness in it. I’ll following your posts. ;)

Angelia. Gates says:

starting monday

Ellie.Q.Week says:

I just posted a recipe for Raw Carrot Cupcakes with Icing!
Kristina keep up the work! #veganfood is yummy and healthy! 

Jim F says:

Shes hot. I’d eat her fruit anyday

Aime P says:

is this diet ok for people with diabetes? i know my mom can’t eat some
fruits because they’re high in sugar

Brittany Quartararo says:

Kristina I love you so much! I eat pretty similar to you except if I only
ate fruit for lunch, even something more filling like bananas I would
literally feel like I was going to pass out! Ive tried it and it makes me
feel so sick I have to lie down. I don’t know how you do it! Any tips or
reasons I may be feeling this way? +FullyRawKristina 

mspinky007 says:

are waffles raw ?

masterofthehiten says:

your stomach is not a muscle… overeating and stretching it is not the
same thing as exercising a muscle.

Guandy says:

Whats the deal with the bracelets?

Authentic healing Thai massage and medicinal herbs says:

Hi cannot find the video where you talk about your health situation before
going RAW, and then how you started and changes in the body, can you please
give me the link to that video

iviewutoob says:

I started a raw diet for a few weeks now and I’m so happy now. This energy
I have is through the roof and my mind is so clear now. My body’s already
getting into shape. Thanks for inspiring me to make a change for the

Orlando Fontanez says:

To expensive then start growing your own food ;)

Shawn Afshar says:

You’re beautiful 

Luis Astudillo says:

Watch the grass behind her really close at 2:52. :D

Monica Nichole says:

I notice many people are asking about getting protein, vitamin B12,
etc….lots of leafy greens (greens have protein) and I take B12
supplements. I also add sweet potatoes, avocadoes, and beans to my diet.
Almond milk is also great!! :)


This lady is amazing. She emailed me within a few hours. my guru.

PlayCq says:

can raw food help with dyspepsia? because i heard that it can and i want to
try this diet

Arleen Jamison says:

Great info kristina

Roe says:

I’m starting a full raw new years resolution in 2015

Angela Gibby says:

I think she needs just one more bracelet. Well, maybe two…

SuperMidgel says:

I want to try this but I know of a lot of ppl who are diabetic and can’t
eat certain kinds of fruits… I’m pre-diabetic and I’m worried that eating
too much fruit will give me a high blood sugar. Will someone plz give me
facts about this. Don’t just give me your opinion I need proof. Thank You

PowerNoob9000 says:

Yea okay, I didn’t want proteins in my diet anyway…

aistrying tolive says:

You’re so amazing xxxxxxx

Marina Diamandis says:

Hi Kristina, I just turned 19 years old and I am very interested in
changing my lifestyle to raw vegan (health issues), I was just curious on
your 4th tip, why do we have to start eating dinner with a fruit or
something? I mean can’t we just eat a bowl of salad directly? Hope to get
an answer 😀 I love all your videos! Hugs and kisses! 

Jana Huysentruyt says:

Omgggg you are so intriguing and uplifting!!!

Gravuun Lok says:

I think I’m going to go partially raw/mostly raw. My family eats a lot of
meat, so it will be nearly impossible to go fully raw while living here.
I’m too young to move out, but when I do I might go fully raw.
I don’t care for meat, especially when I think about it eating it. I
remember that I’m eating an animal and it makes me lose my appetite.
I’m probably going to switch out some of my meats (that I don’t really eat
anymore anyway) with fish. I prefer fish over meat. Especially since
thinking about it doesn’t make me too nauseous (unless I saw the fish alive
before it was cooked…).
I love fruits and vegetables so it shouldn’t be /too/ hard to make the
switch ^^.

HelloMarshmellow says:

Raw food diets are BAD!!! Yes, raw fruits and veggies are WONDERFUL but
thats not all you should be eating, people please dont listen to this and


nicky nm says:

*So many bracelts!*

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