How to Substitute for the Salt Water Flush – The Master Cleanse

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Substitute for Salt Water Flush; The Master Cleanse using Xylitol

The Kool-Aid Flush 🙂

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drchen054 says:

I did xylitol cleanse on accident from wholefoods candy. it was 2 hrs long bathroom back and forth! lol! You look so attractive here btw!

Keila Figueroa says:

Hi Shirlina.1- How many days you doing the Salt Water Flush in a month?
2- At what time you drink the bottles- in the morning and night? Before or after breakfast?
Im new in all this. I want to do it but I don't when is suppose I do it? Thanks

ilovVeronica says:

how often do you take this? I have took it once before 5 months ago. it worked. Thanks

ilovVeronica says:

I just bought something that I thought was what you were talking about on this video Xylitol mine is a sugar non-GMO. That's not what you have is it?

Awakened Ava says:

this may be too personal, but does this actually make you "go" like the swf?

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