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Drink each day for 14 days a fresh mixture of
60oz of water
12 tablespoons of maple syrup
12 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
1/3 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

instructions in the video

questions hit me up …



Angie Rodriguez says:

👍boo keep the power☮️

hannah*hazel says:

Random, but are you still loving your Gucci mules? I'm considering them for a spring shoe! Would love to hear you talk about spring items! Xo!

StaceysWardrobe says:

Girl this video came with perfect timing! I've been trying to do it this week since Monday but I keep starting and stopping 😩 how do you stay on track??

V laloca777 says:

I occasionally crash diet so I don't have a problem with it. I highly recommend cutting back on dairy in addition to the water mix thing.(I dropped weight mad quick when I stopped eating so much dairy) If u have time try adding some home workouts even 10 min here and there like 10 min of different kinds of squats while watching novelas so that booty stay lookin nice. I don't do that water but I do half of shot of apple cider vinegar chased with some lemon juice.Sometimes I'll mix them together and chase it with cran juice cuz vinegar is nasty but it's one second out of my day wakes me up too! It's supposed to help burn fat and have all kind of health benefits. Maybe I'll try this water thing sometime!

kstew1984 says:

You go! I cannot, could not would not last two weeks! Good luck and enjoy your results!

miasmomma1 says:

Omg yes!!!! Boo I too am into crash diets! Ugh, I despise those that feel the need to offer unsolicited advise on how bad it is for you! 🙄 It works for me! I too embrace my winter body but once March comes around, I start working on my body! This diet does work! I love your honesty. 😘

Lynn B says:

"if you need to lose a roll or two in a pinch"…. so funny.  You look great and you can definitely tell in your face that you are losing.

Lynn R says:

You have a lot of willpower! You look great btw!

missnina198705 says:

"A roll or two" Idk why it kept making me laugh

KaSondra Collins says:

you were making me laugh when you were talkingabout your cleansing fast. wish i could do it but dont think i can die to medical reason.

Kininitos says:

I've been meaning to do this again!!!, This was the push/pep talk I needed 😁 I have that same mason jar mug–super convenient to carry lots of the lemonade, I love it!

Charity McDowell says:


Charity McDowell says:

You look AMAZING!!!!!!! XOXO, Charity

glam eyez says:

I did this cleanse I couldn't stick to it for too long. I think it was 5 to 7 days was my goal but I couldn't cope just drinking this and my gut dropped, which meant it was hard to sallow food after. this works for some but grapefruit lemon cayenne ginger fresh water will also work you don't have to use maple syrup. I agree with you though it's a good backup plan and an option out there. I did this because I heard Beyonce did this cleanse too. Oh yeah I remember within a week my old jeans fitted me so this is really good but hard to stick too. some people are crazy though and do it for so long without food as seen on yt. I've heard people doing this for six weeks at least ? then they drink laxative tea with sea salt ? are you drinking the tea Too? any teas?

Jen Bunney says:

So you drink the 60 oz every day, breakfast lunch and dinner ?

meli ledezma says:

I was laughing so hard because we've all been there and I'm starting Monday ! Mil gracias 😊

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