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I am not “Raw Vegan” I am whatever leaves me feeling healthiest in both body AND mind.

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○ Minimalist Shoes: http://raw-alignment.com/shoes/
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Jessiica says:

You definitley need to add a denim shirt to your minimalist wardrobe! :)

Jack Hunter says:

Im just here for the eye candy

Nabila Faiza says:

it is good if you think "raw vegan" is not 100% a perfect diet cause i think you dont get enough fat from it. just saying though. still just do whatever you feel best for your body and stay healthy 😊

Kyra Price says:

i loooooove your necklace :)

S Pol says:

……and you are ful of vegan shit.

kasatka free spirit says:

I find her channel such a bullshit

kasatka free spirit says:

yeah it is miss leading. if she's calling herself raw alignment she should stick with raw

rewesyratinas Mon says:

This is great. I remember her talking about having an eating disorder in her past so it probably is way healthier to not limit herself. I had an eating disorder when I was in middle school and it has kind of followed me into my 20's. Sometimes all I eat is trail mix, cookies and drink really healthy juices they have at the store pre made with greens and stuff.

CanisLupus1987 says:

Alyse you are adorable and Sweet but Juicing and a lot of things you do in your diet are not healthy, Yes you can be vegan and Healthy… but you need to add more protein and fats to your diet. If only you ingested some legumes or nuts you'd be better off

Kelsea Perry says:

So much respect for you for posting this, Alyse. Thank you for being open and honest with us, and for reminding us that our bodies might need different things at different times and that being healthy is first and foremost about assessing your needs at any given point in time. I know you've been having a hard time dealing with the vulnerability that comes with putting your life online and I just wanted to say you are loved by so many of us, and here's to hoping our love can drown out the cruelty. <3

Meg Legs (M3GL3GS) says:

You don't have to eat out or processed foods to be eating cooked foods. I hope you realize you can eat cooked foods with out feeling gross.

Kayren 123 says:

When your boyfriend was hiking the Appalachian trail did he go by Eastern Pennsylvania? I know I live right by the mountain and my town is a great place to stop, it would be so cool to know about someone who may have experienced how our town treats the hikers.

TheNoonie50 says:

Alyse, you don't need to justify your decisions to anyone. The sense of community and sharing around food is a lost art, and I love that you understand the importance of that at a young age. When my town has it's 100 mile potluck (everything grown or raised within 100 miles), I wouldn't dream of turning down an offer of food that someone wants to share. I get it.

Mauro Miceli Consigli (MauM) | Ética y Bienestar says:


amanda navarro says:

It's just food don't explain yourself to people lmao. Raw, cooked, or juiced it doesn't matter. Your fine!

Monteaux De Freitas says:

I was waiting for this after Flowers' announcement. Good for you, listen to your body and thanks for sharing.

Meghan Laidler says:

My names meghan Elizabeth 😎


looks like she is no longer in alignment with raw. name change you poser!

Amelia Wood says:

I love this <3 Even when you're eating well and healthy, you don't always want to trade wonderful experiences with people for your diet. Its nice to not put that restriction on yourself! I feel like that's a healthy way to think and approach personal diets 🙂 xoxo

Candidly Claudine says:

I'm glad that the strict raw trend is dying out- nothing wrong with eating raw, I just feel like this will make vegans more "normal" and people won't regard us as so extreme

Agent00Blade says:

Does this change your plans for the AT?

TheOtherSideOfAlex says:

i think it is more natural to go with the flow of life and not try to force it

ModVegan says:

Very reasonable! Being vegan can feel a little alienating at times, being 100% raw even more so. I think your viewers will definitely appreciate the encouragement to be more balanced 😊🌱☮️

Celine Federici says:

From a Chinese Fortune Cookie in Manhattan…"Wise men* change their minds when they grow wiser. * and women.

Catherine Bilyeu says:

I think that your outlook is so inspiring! I love that you listen to your body and do what is best for you! You have really helped me open my mindset to try new things for myself and seeing how it would benefit me best. Sometimes I feel like we worry too much about what others think, and it tends to take away from what is truly best for ourselves. I love your videos and your honesty! <3

Meghan Obaugh says:

Alyse! I watched your body care video and I loved the part about you wore makeup and then you stopped. I used to wear makeup everyday to school but not like dramatic I would just wear powder. I listened to you say that you stopped wearing makeup for a month and your skin got really clear. I stopped wearing makeup in general now and my skin as cleared up so good!! But I still wish I could lose more weight. I need to loose 20 pounds before I play my sport in college😩. I love you by the way😍

Taylor Putnam says:

You look healthy and happy and thats all that matters. I didn't start following you bc you were 100% raw but bc you showed me the importance of balancing your body and living a healthy lifestyle. You do you girl and I'll continue to follow you and love you for who you are!!! 💕

Trisha B says:

You're saying this like you're confessing something, not eating 100% raw isn't a bad thing…

B.Alexandria says:

I love that your open and don't stress about it. You go with how you feel…great balance.

Eve lyn says:

Oooh girl 2017's all about sovereignty, non conformity and finding balance… we're all in this together. Keep up the good work! do what you feel is right in the moment.

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