Is Juicing Healthy? Should You Drink Juice? Learn from Experts

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John from interviews FullyRaw Kristina and Life Regenerator about if Juicing is healthy and should you drink Juice… You will also discover the answer to many commonly asked questions about juicing as well as the best juicer.

In this video, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, Dan McDonald and John Kohler share their over 40 years of experience combined with drinking juices and eating a healthy diet.

In this episode you will learn the answers to the following questions:
03:25 Does Juicing Have a Place on a Raw Vegan Diet?
05:44 Juicing is Not a Whole Food so should it be Consumed?
09:39 Do You get enough nutrition (calories, protein, etc?) from fresh juice?
14:08 How much fresh juice do you drink in a serving / sitting?
17:30 Do you need to juice only Organic produce?
22:30 Can you use a blender to Juice? Is it the same thing?
27:01 What are your thoughts on Juice Fasting aka Juice Feasting?
32:00 What is the best way to start adding Fresh Juices into a persons diet?
33:26 Do you juice fruits and vegetables? Do you prefer one or the other?
37:26 Do you recommend storing juices? How long can they be stored?
41:58 What is your favorite fruit or vegetable to juice?
44:59 What is your favorite juice recipe?
47:52 What is your favorite juicer?
51:15 What are your Final Thoughts on Juicing?

After watching this episode, you will discover the answer to these questions, and probably learn a thing or two along the way.

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angelbe88 says:

Great talk. Juicing is good ; D Look at Jay Kordich Mr. Juiceman himself.
My dilemma is taking the time to do it. I go through spurts of juicing. I
did do carrot and apple juice everyday for almost a month and noticed a big
improvement in my skin and hair. This was a good 15 years ago before I
became vegan even so I know it’s good. It’s really about making it easy for
people. If all someone has is a blender then that’s the best they can do at
the moment. You can even add carrots, beets, etcc to smoothies. 

Renate J says:

join me for a 30 day juicing challenge @ starting January 2 2015

Jonte790 says:

That’s not biased at all, interviewing two major juice promoters.

Jessica Borek says:

Juicing is amazing. Especially if you want to live long. Fruit and
vegetables come from nature and nature heals. Raw food cures cancer chemo
does not always work. We should drink a healthy juice every day.

Richard Bushy says:

What about drinking organic superfood drinks that have so called superfood-
organic acai-cacao-camacamu fruit-chiorella-maca(root)-moringa leaf
-spirulina(whole algae)-wheat grass(leaf)—-thats all the ingredients
.they have others in vit. Stores and health food stores ? Do you think this
is just as affective ?

Jelly Belly Fun says:

Why do some people prefer the juicer over a blender? Why throw out the
pulp/fiber? ?? That’s good stuff!! Plus, juicers are a pain to clean!!
Takes 4 times as much effort to wash and assemble. 

joshjames76 says:

This is upsetting! Dan is by example saying to drink sugar till its coming
out of your ears. I have watch video from him for years.Its almost like the
juice has effected him mentally, and I mean this sincerely. Okraw’s videos
are too long and not enough time spent editing, so much could be cut out.
Kristina, I have only seen a few of her videos, so I cant make an honest

Samy S. says:

i think it ist important that you let the juice or smoothie in your mouth
for a few seconds so that the enzymes can start to work and digest the
drink. because it is a important step of digestion to chew your food well
for a better and easier digestion in the other organs. greetings from
germany ;-)

poolahpot says:

I know that the Gerson Therapy uses juicing as a main staple…that says it
all for me. 🙂 Thanks John for always bringing us wonderful interviews and

ghgh3917 says:

I don’t know. Dr. Robert Morse has clients who are detoxing a thousand days
on juice. Now, I only have his word on that… but some people are chronic

bo ter berg says:

at around 8:00 this guy says that the teeth are like a juicer … go 1 step
further …. we are the juicer. We drink the juice of the veg, let the veg
have our juice !
As a bio-poniceer, I’ve always thought John’s juice should be far more
nutritious then mine, he might be getting rich selling his juice :oP

Josef Roesler says:

Video would have been alright without the smarmy, creepy, shirtless poser
on the left pushing his acid free DVDs. You don’t think he’s a poser?
Watch his “camping” videos from his channel. Dude’s never been camping in
his life, but makes a few “camping” videos trying to draw in a new crowd.

Mary-Anne Slaven says:

If you get a Nutribullet you also consume the whole fruit/vegatable,
nothing goes to waste! gone are the days when we use to have a mound of

Bo Barrow says:

My Three favorit people! GREAT VIDEO and motivator

Daniel Niedospial says:

Can anyone send me a link to one of Kristina’s raw videos?


wildanS says:

Damn imperial units. Ounces is such a weird measurement, I never know how
much is meant.

Keara Green says:

i love you kristina! and its nice to see you the growyourgreens dude i like
him too!

Darlene DeCicco says:

Its funny how many critics there are in a one hour, uncut video. I think
you guys all did great and enjoyed seeing my three favorite speakers!

Sigrid Meeresfischlein says:

so so on board with it…

noitalfed says:

Juicing is not 80/10/10 Doug Graham style..

Epic Vape says:

I’m so sick of hearing about juicing vs blending. What people have to
realize is both are excellent to do. Whichever you prefer just go ahead and
use that. It’s such a fine line between the two your really splitting hairs
when it comes down to it. If you have 1-200lbs to lose then blending is
great just because your going to need the fiber to help keep you regular.
If you are thinner and just want to lose 10-20lbs then juicing is better.
Whatever keeps you away from fast foods/processed foods is the goal. 

VC132 says:

YEAH, these are excellent videos man. I always learn a lot.

Laura Alexandra says:

LOL I was so distracted by watching Kristina trying NOT to fall asleep haha
she looked really sleep deprived which is kind of surprising……
I also agree with the person who said this was disrespectful of her but
more importantly, it makes her look so bad – unprofessional! 

salek ahmed says:

Like anything in life – Juicing needs to be consumed in moderation and part
of varied and balanced diet, it may not be cooked food, but most certainly
you have processed in order to get to the “Juice” which in biological terms
the properties have changed and in real terms is not much different than
commercial proceed foods, I my self is a good fan of juicing, but saying
that, even something such as water, can become toxic if over consumed,
Juicing dose provide a boost of energy and highly “concentrated
amount of nutrients” but much like processed food are our bodies deigned to
absorb Juiced foods ? 

Emily Sheppard says:

Hello John! Just wanted to let you know, I am going to do my very first
juice cleanse. I have a long weekend booked off next weekend so I can
spend it juicing and walking my dogs and working on some paintings. Thanks
for getting me hyped! Xo

mark fisher says:


Anfissa says:

Why juicing watermelon? :/

Tani Nest says:

Did anyone notice that Kristina had hard time covering how sleepy and bored
she was? Watch her eyes closing starting around 35.00 min of the video. So
disrespectful of her.
John thank you again for your new video. You always present important
information and it is pleasure to listen to you. You look awesome, very
energetic and young. 

Juan P Porras says:

My wife and I are finishing today a 90% organic juice only 3 day reboot
(Guidance from Joe Cross – Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) and feel amazing!!
JUICE ON!!! Here in Costa Rica fruit and veggies are really cheap (even
organic) and we only spent $100 on the produce we needed for these 3 days
(for 2 people). 

Laure AccroCru says:

The garden chairs in America are a lot bigger than in Europe °°!
Greediness of space, greediness of health, greediness of advices,
greediness of perfection…
I wish you a good enough day ♡♥♡

FullmoonEffects89 says:

i know you prefer your food raw but do you ever cook your food? like a cold
night, dont you warm up a soup at least?

jukio02 says:

juicing aint natural. in the days, humans just ate the whole fruit instead
of the juice and threw away the fiber

Sigitas Armonas says:

Thank you John for another informational video. It is great to see you all
guys encouraging everyone to start juicing. Hope more people will try and
never go back to their diet cokes or any other store bought drink.

Venise McLachlan says:

Great, loved that, thanks. Very informative and inspiring.


lol “juice feast”

alphaprocyonx says:

Is it just me or did I hear john say the word “die” instead of diet?
and Kristina said ber-eehfast” leaving out the K..


apgwilym says:

Brilliant video Such wonderful information.

raw breakthrough says:

oooOooo yes Omega is the best :)

heathynaturalhygiene says:

You might be interested in the science of this question. See:

sfgiants22us says:

Kristina flying HIGH on the herb

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