Juicing 101: Juicing Tips for Beginners!

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Juicing is one of the best things you can do for you health. In liquid form, it’s possible to intake larger quantities of fruits and vegetables than would normally be eaten at a single meal. That’s a great way to boost your daily intake! When you juice primarily fresh, organic produce, you are delivering high level, quality nutrients directly into the bloodstream. As you learn more about what fruits and vegetables contain which nutrients and properties, you can tailor your juices for specific needs. Juicing will benefit the cardiovascular system, aid in detoxification, strengthen the immune system, improve your skin, and help to slow the aging process–and those are just a few of the benefits. If you have a juicer, but have been intimidated or otherwise uninspired to use it on a regular basis, or if you have yet to buy one, I strongly encourage you to make the decision to start juicing as often as possible (even if that’s just once a week at the weekend) and reap the benefits of this rewarding practice! Here are six tips to get you started: http://rootsandseeds.com/archives/juicing-101-6-juicing-tips-for-beginners

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darcy smithson says:

Thank you for the tip to use the juice pulp in the next morning’s smoothie.
I’ve been looking for a practical way not to waste the nutritious pulp, and
this is by far the best idea I’ve heard. Thanks again.

Dan Hammonds says:

How long before you feel any benefits? I started juicing 3 weeks ago hoping
to increase my energy and vitality, but I feel no different. I felt better
when I was adding butter to my morning coffee.

Unique Roane says:

I don’t have a juicer but I have a Magic Bullet. Is this recipe better for
a use of a juicer.

Pro Snagger says:

I like to juice my cheese burgers with my bacon fat and have it with my
morning crispy creme mmmm soo good…. And good for you…. 

Niccola B says:

Great tip on what to do with the left over pulp!! 

docoluv9 says:

Question for y’all… What if i can’t find organic can i juice non organic
and still see results? 

Thomas Courchaine says:

Just showed your video to my English class here in Korea. We are interested
in juicing! Thank you for sharing your tips!

Veronica Castillo says:

Thank you pretty straightforward video! :)

mary alice hornsby says:

I’m new to juicing, but my favorite mixture is V8 juice, kale, apples, and
lemon. The very first time I tried this I love it. And if you want to spice
it up add a little hot sauce.

Gorilla Fit Prep says:

Hey this was awesome stuff, I hope more people start juicing!

lynn louise wonders says:

This is the best Juicing video I’ve seen. Full of great info on the how’s
and why’s of juicing. 

jayoyster says:

It’s not Monday it’s Thursday? wtf

ps I keep my juicer on my head

barry zome says:

You can mix the green juice with Almond milk either store bought but better
to make your own Almond milk.

BIGG91732 says:

i juice 1 bundle of kale 1 bundle of spinach 4to6 sticks of celery 2 large
carrots or 4 small 1 large cucumber or 2 small ones 2 oranges 2 granny
apples 1 lemon 1 thumbnail of ginger this makes a great morning breakfast
and lunch alot of juice another recipe is 1 beet with stem 2 large
carrots 2 oranges 4 to 6 sticks of celery makes a single serve of what i
call vampire juice taste great 

Cressida Lewis says:

You can get constipated. You need roughage. Don’t replace all meals with

Susan Simerly says:

Excellent, I am new to juicing and have now have a much better idea of how
to use the juicer. Thanks so much.

ShadowTheSoulless says:

I got a 35 dollar juicer, a black&decker one because i couldnt afford a 100
dollar one, so i will see how well it works.

yass err says:

please no veggies it tastes so awful!!!!!!!!!!!! ;”(

Jenny Tenorio says:

Hello, I heard in another video to not make juices more than 5 ingredients.
Is this a good rule to go by or does the amount not matter?

Peggy Moss says:

Thanks for this video! I am starting this weekend and you were very
helpful! Do you think besides trying to give my body the right nutrients,
could this be maybe and answer for getting off my Menopause meds?.thanks
again. Peggy Moss

Miz Pinky says:

Hi? I don’t have a juicer is thr another way (Like blending) can you get
the same benefits 

Torace Weaver says:

lot of infro thanks for the video

frogmanphil says:

Your Video is Helpful, Informative, & Useful. Thank You from a “Juicer”..
I’m also an R.N., and Hyperbaric Dive Medicine Specialist..I am impressed
with your ability to incorporate the content of Knowledge for EVERYONE!!
This is Important: The Novice Juicer will: “Get It”! And if not, Remain
Optimistic, & your advice will lead them to a comprehensive summary…
You are providing education for the Well Being…
Now, “You Be Well & Blessed”

b4reelabtit says:

Be sure not to juice fruit all the time meaning every day. You can gain
Weight and get too much of the good sugars. Juicing has improved blood
pressure to the point of seeing no lower to getting off of the meds
completely. My dad’s cholesterol has gone back to normal. Juicing isn’t far
approved but it worked for myself and my family. I think word of mouth is
the best selling tool. My 2c.

Tug Slug says:

Why doesn’t anyone make a juice similar to the one you just made? 

IRahkuBz says:

im on my 3rd day . . and god .. im HUNGRY
i would eat anything that i don’t usually eat lol ..
i hope ill make it to day 30 ,, or 15 at least

Kevin Gardener says:

hey Barbara just started watching your videos and loving them. i’m mostly
raw vegan but do eat some cooked foods. i do juicing for 1 meal everyday as
i know it does get rid of the fiber so wouldn’t want to do it for every
meal because of effect on blood sugar levels. I also though have 16 bananas
a day in a smoothie spread across 4 smoothies so 4 bananas per smoothie. I
know they are low GI as they have fiber but what effect on blood sugar
level could this have???? could i become diabetic??? I’m not overweight but
did feel extremely fatigued the last few weeks until i started taking my
B12 again and adding more green leaves into diet. My energy levels then
went flying up

Sasha Rae says:
arcbc33 says:

I used to imagine that juicing was too time consuming and tedious, then i
tried it and realized it is so much quicker, easier and so much less clean
up than cooking a meal, to me juicing is actually a time saver.

I Love All of You says:

This video is outstanding!

I’ve never done any juicing, but after watching this video, it’s something
I’d like to try.

Sooner boy says:

You may easily clean produce with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in hot
water. Soak and rinse very well. 

yasoda song says:

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an awesome juicer at a incredible price.

SouthernCalBri says:

I recently did a review on a book called Ultimate Juicing Guide. It has a
ton of information on juicing. Check it out

Shahogen Juice Presses says:

That champion juicer is awesome, but the gerson therapy recommends a juice
press. I saw a nice one at http://www.ebay.com/usr/shahogen

Doug Williams says:

Why separate the the vegetable from the juice ..I use a blender and a cup
of water plus the veggies …… 

MsBennin says:

I love the chalkboard in the background, where did you get those from?

Denise Jones says:

Juicing 101: Juicing Tips for Beginners… 

lilyrojasl says:

Es la primera que encuentro que habla espanol!!! eleluya!!! 🙂 mi pregunta
es mi esposo y yo queremos hacer jucing pero solo tomar eso y no comer
nada, por unos cuantos dias, cuantos vasos al dia debermos tomar? y cuan
seguido? gracias!!!!!

Charlie Cumiskey says:

Hi Mrs. Mendez, I am considering to start juicing due to the fact that I’m
about to embark on my Whole30 program. My budget is around $100 and I was
wondering what juicer would you recommend. I don’t prefer pulp, but I just
want a machine that I will get the most out of with my money. Any thoughts?

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