Juicing on a Ketogenic Diet?

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Dr. Berg talks about jucing on a ketogenic diet. You have fruit juice and vegetable juice. Fruit juice is too high in sugar because you are taking out of fiber. Fiber buffers the sugar effect. You can juice vegetables but it’s difficult without the fruit juice, so if you can do this – then fine. The whole vegetable is best, because you can get the fiber too. Blending is much better than juicing. Buying juice is pasturized and this kills off the enzymes nullifying the results.

Using the wheat grass juice powder is okay because you have only 1 gram of sugar.

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SKPjoe Coursegold says:

blend don't juice.

Bambule Jachtreisen Tours says:

i sometimes lack potassium and get muscle problem during night. what should i drink to get more potassium in? veggie drink? salt water? ….?

OneLifeCycle says:

LOL your skin doesn't turn orange from the carrot juice. It turns orange because your liver is detoxing. You can continue to drink carrot juice while that's happening and it will stop once the liver is cleansed. Keep drinking the carrot juice. It's one of the best things you can do for overall health.

Ziv Shalev says:

Finally! Been waiting for this for ever

Djem N says:

I drink veg juice and put some lacto-fermented in it. Give a sparkling taste and good for intestinal microbiote. I'm blotted if i eat raw veg. This way i get the benefits of green veg and the lacto fermented enzyme. Of course you need to have home made fermented veg.

Alessio B says:

I like the video even before looking at it

Tony Olson says:

You just admitted in a prior video posts, that a ketosis diet will give you a fatty liver!

You then mentioned you need to eat "unlimited" veggies to help you get rid of the fatty liver.

But by eating unlimited veggies, you are now no longer in ketosis!!!!

So in your latest videos, you are saying ketosis is bad, and you need to eat more veggie carbs!

Why are you such a hypocrite???

Philip Ghezelbash says:

Dr Berg, do you think that for a lean individual the ketogenic diet is appropriate long-term due to the cognitive benefits?

beth schwerdfeger says:

I'd like to blend but the only blender out there that does a really good job is a Vitamix, and at $500 I can't afford to blend, so….I juice. My juicer was 1/4 the price.

Fright Foo says:

Dr Berg, what do you think of this Daith piercing stuff being a cure for migraines?

Casey Choate says:

+Eric Berg thanks for answering my question, and so quickly! I'm already doing the Wheat Grass Juice Powder.. it's awesome! Thanks for all the informative videos.

All In One says:

dr berg are you giving dating advices – i really would love some – ylou are a smart man – tell me how to understand woman

Buster Brown says:

Dr. Norman Walker and the Juiceman cured their illnesses with apple/carrot juice. That was before Roundup though.

THE MAN SG says:

What diet would you recommend for a boxer? I'm trying to keep lean muscle but finding it difficult

Willy Driscoll says:

stay away from carrot juice – gained 5 lbs in 3 days

Louis Brockley says:

Would you be able to do a video on Raw Dairy comsumption?

ILOVENJ00 says:

I use fresh lemon juice and a little ginger to make the vegetable juice more palatable. It tastes much better with lemon added to it.

Chad Kirton says:

Does taking a wheatgrass shot in the morning trigger an insulin response. I intermittent fast and have stopped wheatgrassing because I think that it will trigger insulin.
Do you know anything about wheat grass and insulin production?

Matthew Spicka says:

Would you have any videos on Diverticulitis?

P Warner says:

I'll be honest I pictured Dr. Berg with a deep orange complexion throughout the whole video.

Minerva Aguiar says:

Wha t is the difference between Blending and Juicing????

Rose Lavia says:

I did 180 days green juice and fruits/mixed with green leaf vegetable.
My blood sugar, blood pressure,energy level,cholesterol, my vitals, all was the healthiest I ever had. First 3 months I lost 50lb and I thought I would continue loosing weight but it did not happen, our body is amazing, I gained a health normal weight by my age, hight, my body was perfect by using marine and army standard measurements, BMI, athletic fit body and I kept my weight off for 2 years after juicing.
Unfortunately, is not a life style where I can continue doing for the rest of my life. So, I am browsing for a better alternative of life style. At this moment I love the Whole Plant Base Nutrition Diet because is easy and full of varieties. And what I enjoy the most is I can apply vegan ketogenic diet to boost my health.

Dj Rive Rokers says:

V8 is 5 g of carbs, But MALTODEXTRIN, NO THANKS.

Kristin W. says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing the info, Dr.Berg.

Catherine Meakin says:

Does lemon juice affect insulin?

nanomyou5 says:

1. Don't juice, blend (you need the fiber for gut AND to slow down the carbohydrate uptake)
2. Blend low-sugar veggies, not high-fructos fruit
3. Don't overdo it.

biocybernaut says:

Stevia, leaf extract or synthesized?

nanomyou5 says:

@Eric Berg
Please do a special on how to avoid thyroid, hormonal and gallbladder issues on a ketogenic diet . Myself and several knowledgeable people (incl. Gen Greenfield) totally wrecked their thyroid and hormones on a strict ketogenic diet. I'm still recovering from my gallbladder issues. And yes, I ate enough calories + plenty of greens + polyphenols + resistant starch + probiotic fermented food, was truly ketogenic (measured with a blood ketone meter), didn't use exogenic ketones, and did intermittent fasting on top of nutritional ketotis. My brain performed miraculously and I was rarely hungry, but my endocrine system just crashed.

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